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Zagreb in History: Discotheque Saloon

Even though the club is currently closed, its 40-year history is impressive even today

If you’re getting ready to go grab a drink with friends, dance and have a good time, you might have a tough time deciding where to go because there are numerous options, and sometimes you have fun there, but sometimes you don’t.

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It wasn’t always like that – in the past, there were just a few clubs in Zagreb, and one of the cult ones was, where you were guaranteed to have a good time, was Saloon. Vlaho Srezović and Albert Papo opened the club on February 13, 1970 and it immediately turned into an “it” place to be. All the most important bands and singers performed and went out at the club, which was always packed.

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The club was active until 2013, when it was shut down because of an ongoing court case between the City of Zagreb and the owners.

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However, the owners and people looking for a good time are keeping their fingers crossed for the club to reopen soon.

Watch a VHS video about Saloon's 15th birthday below:

The club and had a cult status not only in Zagreb, but in the entire ex-Yugoslavia as well, and you can find out more about its impressive 40-year history in the video below:

Photos by Discotheque Saloon and Zagreb - Kakav je bio nekada, Facebook.

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