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Dive into the Sea of Books at Zrinjevac July 3 - 9

There's a cool new beach in town - and it's located right in the centre of Zagreb. More knjiga ("Sea of Books") has transformed Zagreb's Zrinjevac Park into a beach, and everyone's loving it.

Toddlers playing in the sand, children discovering their first books, four-legged book lovers with their humans - Zagreb's new beach is filled with people lounging around in deckchairs and beach towels and having a great time.

Instead of separate parasols that were spread around the park last year, this time there are two big white panels creating more shade for everyone.


You can take one of the books from the open-air library and read them on the spot, or you can buy a book (or five) at Lumen's stand.


Or you can bring your own book or Kindle.



There's a bar where you can get cocktails inspired by books.


We tried Lumen (two green ones with lime) and The Edge of Reason. Cocktails normally cost HRK 38, but we got them for HRK 33 because 4 p.m. - 6 p.m. is happy hour(s) time.




Dive into the Sea of Books, July 3 - 9.