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5 and 10 km Race to be Held in Zagreb this Weekend

By 8 March 2018

Organised by the “Trčanje” (Running) magazine, a race called “Zagrebački proljetni cener” (Zagreb Spring 10) will be held this Saturday, March 10th.

The race is nicknamed "Buđenje iz zimskog sna" (Waking up from hibernation), and it has an obvious recreational, but also a fundraising purpose.  Some of the funds collected from the entry fees will be given to the association FB Humanitarci (FB Humanitarians), which is looking after 53 families with over a hundred children all over Croatia, who are experiencing financial difficulties. The race will be held over 2 distances, 5 km and 10 km, and those participating were able to choose how much money they wanted to give to the fundraising efforts, and will additionally be able to donate food to the Association’s carts, which will be available at the race and which will aim at getting decent Easter meal for those in need. The motto of the organisation is brilliant “Only nothing is not enough”, so if everyone brings just one small thing, it will mean a lot.

Almost 400 people have already applied for the race, and unfortunately as we are writing this the applications have been closed. The bib draws and starting packages distribution will be held before the race itself, and the start of the race will be on Saturday at 11 am, at the Nasip (embankment) of the Sava River, right next to the Boćarski dom.

The start and the finish will be at the same location, but the start will be on top of the embankment, while the finish line will be down on the meadow next to it – and considering the weather situation, be prepared to get muddy. A lot. All participants will get a snack and there will be drinks, and after 2pm some entertainment will be organized, including the raffle – to which everyone is invited, not just the runners in the race.

So, even if you haven’t officially signed up for the race, you can participate in the fund-raising effort the race supports, and maybe watching the racers do their 5 or 10 k will be a perfect motivation for anyone to re-start their fitness lifestyle now that it appears the spring is finally arriving!

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