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Hoću Knjigu Bookstore Announces Rich Programme of Events

By 15 November 2017

It’s full steam ahead for the recently-opened Hoću Knjigu Megastore.

After recently opening its doors on November 2, the biggest bookstore in town - Hoću Knjigu Megastore - announced a rich programme, including promotions of new books and authors, interesting workshops and musical performances.

In addition to the book promotions that are taking place this week, Hoću Knjigu will be holding regular workshops organised by the Ministry of Magic association, weekly performances by the acoustic band Amaterapeuti and many more.


What do people talk about with their taxi drivers? - Ljubica Uvodić-Vranić

Ljubica Uvodić-Vranić.jpg

Hoću Knjigu Megastore, Bogovićeva 7, November 15 at 7 pm

What do people talk about with their taxi drivers? Our excellent psychologist Ljubica Uvodić-Vranić, who spent a year on the field with the taxi drivers exploring their stories and experiences with the passengers in the vehicles, will provide an answer to this peculiar question. Popular Croatian psychologist, professor and author of ten books of popular psychology, will present her latest non-fiction bestseller titled "101 Stories from EKO TAXI" in the Zagreb Megastore on November 15, 2017. Boris Svrtan, a professor at the Academy of Dramatic Arts, actor and director of the Gavella Theatre, will be hosting the talk and discussing the most interesting parts of the book. It will be a great opportunity for people to experience in person the author's lively and intriguing style of writing. The reviewer and assistant professor of psychology Aleksandra Vuić will also be talking about the book. The book presentation will be followed by book signing and mingling with visitors and fans. The book "101 stories from EKO TAXI" will be available with a 10% discount during the promotion.

Truths and lies about food - Anita Šupe

Anita Šupe.jpg

Hoću Knjigu Megastore, Bogovićeva 7, November 16 at 6 pm

Do you know what you eat? The next time you put a juicy snack in your mouth - think carefully because you never know what's hidden in it!  Our most popular nutritionist, Anita Šupe, will present her hit book "Truths and Lies about Food" (Istine i laži o hrani) in Zagreb's Megastore on November 16. Anita will be talking about the most common misconceptions about healthy food and give some tips on how to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Always positive, cheerful and ready to help with good advice, Anita will be meeting her fans. Her books will be available with a 10% discount. Anyone who has not yet come across Anita's healthy recommendations now is the right time to do it! For all those who are familiar with her amazing work, can come with a copy of Anita's book and have it signed by the author herself.

How Rupi Enchanted the World - Branko Matijašević, Alis Marić, Ingrid Divković

Rupi Kaur.jpg

Hoću Knjigu Megastore, Bogovićeva 7, November 16 at 7:30 pm

Promotion of the hit book "Milk and Honey" by Rupi Kaur. The Croatian translation of the brightest poetic star of today has finally seen the light of day, published Stilus. Be sure to visit the promotion of her collection of poetry titled "Milk and Honey", which will be held on November 16 in Zagreb's Megastore at 7:30 pm. Discover how this Canadian poet of Asian origin fascinated the world with his poetry published on her popular Instagram profile. Our most popular literary blogger, Alis Marić, and writer Ingrid Divković will present Rupi's collection of poems along with the guest appearance of  Branko Matijašević, editor and 'culture guru' as dubbed by the media, who will interpret the best parts of the book. Rupi's poetry will enthral you with its simple and subtle style about a women's experience of the world. Come to the book promotion and receive a 10% discount when buying Rupi's masterpiece collection.

For all information about events in Hoću Knjigu bookstore, follow Hoću Knjigu on Facebook or visit their official website here. 

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