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EuroBirdwatching Day at Bundek

By 21 September 2017

BIOM Association is organising a bird watching event at Bundek Lake on September 30.

The EuroBirdwatch, which takes place every year in autumn, is the biggest event of the European and Central Asian BirdLife Partners and a very important occasion for the general public and birdwatchers alike to observe bird migration and raise awareness of this special natural phenomenon. Millions of birds travel to their winter destinations in the Mediterranean and Africa in autumn. EuroBirdwatch wants to encourage people of all age groups to watch birds, enjoy nature and learn about migratory species, their adjustments to migration and dangers they encounter along the way.

During bird watching, types and numbers of birds are recorded and submitted to an organisation representing BirdLife in each country, and for Croatia, that is BIOM. The data are then collected and submitted to BirdLife’s central European organisation and information on recorded birds in Europe and central Asia are then published the following week. This helps understand migration better, follow its trends year after year, which then leads to being able to protect migratory birds better.

Zagreb’s BIOM Association, a non-profit, voluntary and independent civil society organization involved in nature protection, species and habitats conservation and promotion, is organising a bird watching event at Zagreb’s Bundek Lake next weekend, September 30, 2017, starting at 8 a.m., next to Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin monument. For more info, contact Petra Čulig at 098/9600-711.

In addition to Zagreb, BIOM has prepared events around Croatia on the same day, including Sinj, Učka Nature Park, Ribnjaci Siščani, Lonjsko Polje Nature Park, and Križevci. Find out more here.

Find out more about BIOM here and like the Association on Facebook.

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