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ELLE Fashion Film Festival Brings Exciting Documentaries to Tuškanac This Weekend

By 14 September 2017

ELLE Fashion Film Festival takes place at Tuškanac Cinema, September 15 - 16.

It's been a great week for film lovers in Zagreb - we've had Food & Film Festival, Tourfilm Festival, and now fashionistas are in for a treat because Elle Fashion Film Festival starts at Tuškanac Cinema.

The opening ceremony takes place today, and then you'll be able to watch some great fashion films on Saturday and Sunday.

September 15

  • 6 p.m. - Fashion Scandals
    From how the bikini was made, to John Galliano, take a look at some of the most scandalous moments of fashion,
  • 8 p.m. - Mapplethorpe: Look At The Pictures
    “Look at the pictures.” With these words, Jesse Helms denounced the work of Robert Mapplethorpe. Twenty-five years later, the first and most complete documentary about the artist since his death, by acclaimed directors Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, does just that, with unprecedented unlimited access to his archives and work.

September 16

  • 6.30 p.m. - Annie Leibovitz: Life Through A Lens
    Take a peek into the illustrious career of one of today's most prolific photographers - Annie Leibovitz. The film directed by her sister, Barbara Leibovitz, depicts the various phases that shaped her life including childhood, the tumultuous sixties, her transition from Rolling Stone to Vanity Fair magazine and later her most significant personal relationships including motherhood. The film's highlights center on interviews with her most famous subjects, mentors and colleagues - along with personal insight from Leibovitz herself - to reveal the evolution of inarguably one of today's most influential visual artists.
  • 8.30 p.m. - Regarding Susan Sontag
    An insight into the life of one of the most infulential social critics and writers of the 20th ct.

Find out more about the event here

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