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Zagrebačka pivovara to Open a Microbrewery

Zagrebačka pivovara joins the growing trend of making craft beer

A gathering with the media was organised at Zagreb's Pivana pub yesterday in order to announce the beginning of works on a new microbrewery, FAMA reports.

Construction works are expected to start by the end of this month, and the opening of a microbrewery in Pivana's surroundings is expected in the fall.The microbrewery is a continuation of the Pivana project, which was opened a little over two years ago, and its aim is to produce different styles of unpasteurized and unfiltered beer in smaller quantities.

One of the best master brewers in Croatia, Mirko Banić Ištuk, beer connoisseur and radio editor Milan Peh, and head of Corporate Communications of Zagrebačka pivovara Tina Puhalo Grladinović, spoke about the microbrewery which will open soon. As it was pointed out, opening a microbrewery is aimed at raising the entire brewery industry category as an important branch of industry to a higher level, because the industry has shown upward trends and has provided a basis for further development of breweries and similar areas of industry.

Total investment of 11 million HRK will ensure the best beer for the most demanding beer lovers.Master brewer Mirko Banić explained what type of beer will be produced there.

"Thanks to the state of the art technology, we will produce fresh, unpasteurized and unfiltered beer, using ingredients from all over the world in small quantities, which gives us flexibility in production. For starters, the three beer style that we will develop will be adapted to the wishes and needs of our consumers. There will also be seasonal specials for our customers with the most refined palate."

The local beer scene has been following the global trend and there has been an increase in microbreweries as a result of consumers' desire for more diversity.The advantage of a microbrewery is that it can respond quickly to consumer needs and with its flexibility, it can raise the quality level of the entire industry by offering innovative and varied products.Creativity, originality, and expertise are the things customers will recognise and appreciate in a growing craft beer market.

The microbrewery will have a production capacity of 5,000 hectoliters per year. Production will be controlled at all stages, which will further guarantee the safety and quality of the product.

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