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He's Back: Daniel-Ryan Spaulding - One Man Show at Studio Smijeha Zagreb

By 15 June 2018

Being original and funny in the modern world are increasingly funny commodities to find. 

And while I think - after several years of trying to get to grips with it - Croatian humour is among the best I have come across, breaking down barriers and putting something out there is not so common a thing. 

So when I stumbled across a video a couple of years ago called How to be Gay in Croatian: on the Dalmatian Coast!, I was more than a little impressed. 

I met Daniel-Ryan Spaulding briefly in Zagreb some time back, a very entertaining young man, who lived up to that initial video in the flesh, and he kindly agreed to a TCN interview last year

He is also a regular on the Zagreb comedy circuit, and he is back next Tuesday from 20:30 at Studio Smijeha - Facebook event page here.