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Where to Find Non-Smoking Bars in Zagreb?

By 6 February 2018

In Croatia, coffee and cigarettes go hand in hand. Find out where to look if you're not a fan of foggy cafés and bars 

One of the first things everyone notices about Croatia is that we have a thriving coffee-culture. Our ability to make a single cup of coffee last for hours on end as we chat about our daily lives is almost impressive; 'idemo na kavu' is more than a simple invitation to share a much-needed dose of caffeine, it's a fully-fledged custom, a social institution on its own.

Alas, coffee and cigarettes go hand in hand, making for the second thing everyone notices about Croatia: an equally thriving smoking culture. Our collective vices aside, nobody likes to walk home with their clothes and hair reeking of smoke - not even smokers. While you might have an impression that every hospitality object in Zagreb is eternally shrouded in a thick veil of smoke, the capital is actually sprinkled with plenty of places where you can have a cup of coffee and leave with your lungs intact. You just have to know where to look.

Screenshot from 2018-02-06 16-52-18.png

Google Maps came out with a handy list of non-smoking venues in Zagreb, ranging from cafés and bars to restaurants and shopping malls. They are colour-coded and grouped in themed categories, making for a perfect little guide you can consult on the go.

You can find the entire list of locations along with the city map here.