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Night of Museums: One Last Visit to Automobile Museum in Zagreb

By 26 January 2018

Tonight's manifestation presents one last chance to see the original venue

The Night of Museums is just hours away, and we've presented several  ideas on what to see in various parts of the country. Here's another quick suggestion for those who are currently staying in Zagreb:

Ferdinand Budicki Automobile Museum has prepared a phenomenal programme for tonight - a sort of a farewell ceremony. As the City of Zagreb recently withdrew all funding for the museum and the institution is facing enforcement owing to an amassed debt, this original venue will close for visitors on February 27.

The Night of Museums thus presents the opportunity to see the attractive collection in its entirety one last time, and experience what the museum director Valentino Valjak called "a tangible emotion which lasted five years".

Come by the Automobile Museum anytime between 18:00 and 01:00, and check out the following events:


120 years of the automobile in Croatia, 1898 - 2018: an exhibition of 100 vintage photographs presenting the Croatian automotive history

Spaček & the 70 years of avant-garde on wheels, 1948 - 2018: an exhibition of five Citroën 2CV models manufactured between 1958 and 1990 (commonly referred to as spaček), displayed along with relevant memorabilia, literature, photography and film

From Zagreb to the Black Sea on a raft, 1958: a story of an incredible journey undertaken by two young journalists 60 years ago


To quote the director again, don't let others tell you what the museum used to look like before closure. Pay them a visit, and read more about the issue here.