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Zagreb Police Department Warns Citizens of Social Engineering Fraud

By 25 September 2017

Zagreb Police Department has issued a statement warning citizens not to open their door to people claiming to be bank inspectors or even police officers saying that they need to check if their banknotes are still valid.

“The most frequent type of fraud consists of perpetrators claiming to be bank inspectors and asking people to let them in their homes in order to write down serial numbers of banknotes or replacing them with new ones. Perpetrators claim that they need to replace old banknotes with new ones, take them to the bank, take photographs, etc., because the banknotes are soon going to be replaced with new ones, as all banknotes need to have an ‘EU’ mark on them, or they say that the money will expire soon, is fake, or it needs to be handed over to the bank,” Zagreb Police Department spokesperson said in a statement given on Sunday.

The police also invited citizens to be careful in cases where the perpetrator enters the injured party’s home with another perpetrator, who then steals their money and other valuable items, and disappears, making it harder for the police to find him or her.

The police warned the citizens not to let these types of people into their homes under any circumstances, and not to give away their money and other valuable items.

“If you are contacted by an unknown individual, asking you to do something with your money, gold, etc., or saying that someone will visit you in order to check your money or gold, you should immediately contact the police by dialling 192 or 112.”

They pointed out that police officers are required to show you their metal badge and an official ID when they present themselves.

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