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The Most “Zagreb” Pizzeria Opens in Maksimirska

By 18 September 2017

The pizzas in the new pizzeria in Maksimirska are named after nearby streets, so you can eat a Kušlanova or a Kuhačeva.

Veža, a new pizzeria in Zagreb’s Maksimirska Street opened its doors to the public on September 18, Plava kamenica reported on September 17, 2017.

The most typically Zagreb pizzeria is special because its pizzas are named after nearby streets, so you can get a Kušlanova (Capriciosa), Fijanova (Quatro Formaggio), Kuhačeva and Ožegovićeva. One of the three seafood pizzas is named Rakovčeva, and lasagne Zajčeva, a street nearby where Tomato Pizzeria used to be located a long time ago, famous for its lasagne.

mapa pizza.JPG

In addition to names, the new pizzeria wants to promote the micro community’s bonding – there are no separate tables, but one winding community table, which a completely new thing in Zagreb restaurants.

The pizzas are made in a stone oven and cost HRK 40-60, so stop by Maksimirska 29 and try the most Zagreb of all Zagreb pizzas.

Translated from Plava kamenica.