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Defibrillators in Public Garages Project Presented in Zagreb

By 14 September 2017

Deputy Mayor Olivera Majić attended the Defibrillators in public garages project presentation in the Kvaternikov trg public garage, Politika Plus reports.

“The City of Zagreb started the project of preventing death due to sudden cardiac arrest in 2012, introducing automated external defibrillators in the area of Zagreb. More than 30 defibrillators were added and 400 persons were educated to use them,” Deputy Mayor Majić said. “Every life matters, and each minute counts when it comes to saving lives.” She added that Zagrebparking joining the project has increased the security among the citizens of Zagreb.

“Two defibrillators have been added to public garages so far, one in Tuškanac and one in Kvaternikov trg, where large groups of people gather. The plan is to put one in each of eight public garages,” head of Zagrebparking Ana Preost said. “We will continue educating our employees so they could help our citizens.”

The defibrillators have so far been added to tram terminals, Pothodnik bus terminal, Main Railway and Bus Station, Dom sportova, Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, pharmacy at Ban Jelačić Square, Bundek Park and SRC Jarun, City Administration building and most shopping centres.

Translated from Politika plus.

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