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Heavy Weather Hits Zagreb

By 11 August 2017

The apocalyptic weather continued last night

A sudden storm that hit Zagreb City and County last night around 7 p.m. tore down trees and caused damage to several power lines, and there was a short public transport delay in Ilica. Politika Plus reports.

The emergency services started receiving calls from citizens around 7.20 p.m., mostly from Zaprešić, Dugo Selo, and Pisarovina, where a few trees were torn down and there was a small fire caused by lightning.

Some trees got torn down in the City of Zagreb as well, but, other than the shock of how quickly the calm sky turned into a raging storm and rain, there were no major damage or injuries.

ZET reports that the public transport had stopped for a short period because the strong wind blew a banner away and it got caught in the tram’s power lines, causing them to stop working.