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Baby Tapir Born in Zagreb Zoo

By 15 April 2017

Visitors are asked to suggest names for the baby animal

Zagreb ZOO has a new resident! Adina, a female South American tapir residing in the zoo, birthed a baby three weeks ago. Having in mind that the gestation period for tapirs lasts for a whole year, Adina must be pretty happy the ordeal is over. The tiny tapir is already up and about, boasting a fashionable outfit of pale spots and stripes that will slowly fade as she gets older.

Following their usual habit of holding a public contest for naming all newborn animals, Zagreb ZOO published a post on their Facebook page asking their followers to brainstorm and suggest some ideas. The post includes a video of the little tapir strolling around, attempting to chew on some leaves and exploring her dwellings at Maksimir.

You can send in your suggestions before April 20th, when the zoo will decide on a winner.