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Following the Cross Procession: Meet the Crossbearers - Igor Marijan From Pitve

By Ivana 20 March 2016
We continue the series of interviews done by Vilma Stojković from Hvar / Unesco website with the crossbearers. Pitve is next.
Igor Marijan - Crossbearer for Pitve in 2016.
(photo: Vilma Stojković)
Igor was born in 1975 and signed up for carrying the Holy Cross when he was 18 years old, it was his great desire. He lives and works in Jelsa, but as he says, only his house binds him to Jelsa. His grandfather was a crossbearer in 1938 for this parish. Carrying the Cross is a way of belonging to this little village with only 100 people. There used to be several brotherhoods in Pitve, but non of it is active nowadays any more. As his parents past away, Igor has a bit support of his sister and brother and many friends. From the beginning of Lent, they meet, practice singing of the choruses and socialize.
All locals in Pitve participate in the preparations. Our Lady´s Tears will be sung and these two songs: "Have Mercy on Me Lord" and "I Regret". Igor says, that only the Pitve procession always go to the Church of Our Lady of Health in Jelsa (it is located on a hill above Jelsa). It is especially difficult, having two big climbs in the morning, on to the Church of Our Lady of Health and the other to the Parish Church of St. James, it is a great challenge for the last stretch of the path after the whole night.
(photo: Vilma Stojković)
On Holy Thursday after the Mass, Igor will organize a dinner for his accompaniment and the singers. He touch the Cross for the first time on Holy Thursday evening before the departure. There is no ceremony of handing-over the Cross in this parish. Physically ready, for now, he is not nervous, but he says there are still several days to come. He does not follow the weather forecast, because, he will carry IT, the tradition has never been interrupted, not ever, not now.
This humble guy will along with his personal vow pray for the health of his loved ones. He believes that carrying the Cross will not affect his life in any way. We leave it for the future to decide on that and wish him clear skies and a quiet night.
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