What's On This Month?

A Thursday at the Cinema in Jelsa

By Ivana 26 January 2016

Going to the movies in Jelsa in winter was science fiction some years ago. It is no longer the case, as Kino Mediteran is bringing movies to the island on a regular basis. Usually, there is a kids movie and another non-animated movie afterwards.

This time, Kino Mediteran Jelsa is offering 2 movies on Thursday, January 28, 2016 at the newly renovated reception hall - A movie for the kids starting at 18.00, an Irish animated Oscar nomination: Song of the Sea.

A story about Ben, a young Irish boy, and his little sister Saoirse, a girl who can turn into a seal, going on an adventure to free the faeries and save the spirit world. The movie is with Croatian subtitles (no synchronization). Here is the trailer:

And another one will follow at 20.00, this time a Croatian documentary about emotional and adventurous life of a seaman: Blue Cage (Modri Kavez) made by Bruna Bajić. From the Indiegogo site of the movie:

The Blue Cage is an emotional documentary about people who are marked by their profession, departures and arrivals, adventures and responsibility. A film about a seaman’s who left their mark all over the world.

The major purpose of The Blue Cage is to give a credit and bring up some interesting facts from a seamen’s lives and life’s of their families, sometimes running in generations that were marked by a seaman profession. 

Revealing secrets ''behind the scene'' of their life’s, their dreams, talents, fears and hopes and numerous adventures, The Blue Cage takes down a stigma from a prejudice and opens up new horizons and stories that will leave you breathless.