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Zastrazisce and Velika Stiniva as You Have Never Seen Them: Star Trail Timelapses

By paul 9 November 2015

The approach of the olive harvest affects people in different ways. The prospect of days in the field picking olive after olive. 

Some people, like me, take the first plane to Munich to avoid olive picking chores, while others enter into the spirit of the occasion and draw inspiration. 

I was delighted that my good friend Vice Rudan found such inspiration in his fields near Zastrazisce, for he took some fabulous nighttime footage of star trails in the night sky, and you can see the Taurid meteor shower. He also reliably informs me that the Moon is in conjuction with Venus, Mars and Jupiter.

Great stuff, Vice, and if your olive picking is like your camera work, are you free next year?

One final word from Vice - to watch this 4K resolution, it is best on as big a screen as possible with good Internet, not on a phone.