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Zavala in September - Just Perfect

By Ivana 17 September 2015
I love the south side of the island in September and so, as my husband offered to take us for an afternoon swim we were more than happy to pack our towels.
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The ride through Pitve is always a pleasure. Overlooking the roofs of the old stone houses all the way down to Jelsa - the view is magnificent.
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With less traffic these days, passing through the tunnel is rather quick - I am always very happy to find those traffic lights still in service. It is not the case during the winter and although there are 2 wider parts in the tunnel, where 2 cars can fit easily to avoid each other, I still prefer having a green light before I enter.
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The weather was a bit cloudy today, but it was very hot, so we were very happy to dive in to cool down a bit.
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Building a stone "house" is one of the best activities at the beach, at least for me and my 4 year old.

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Beaches are almost empty these days, which makes it very peaceful and quiet. A perfect place to relax, read a book or just fall asleep at the beach listening to the waves doing shhhhh...

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