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Beethoven, Chopin and Rachmaninoff - It was Great!!

By Ivana 21 July 2015
Sometimes, it just works out the way, I would never have thought it would. And so, my 4 year old took a nap this afternoon, although she stopped napping several months ago. And we were able to go.

The Piano recital started at 21:30 and the Turkish pianist Ata Ustun Bilgin performed the Waldstein Sonata (Beethoven), several Chopin pieces and one Rachmaninoff. His performance made us ask for more and so he kindly added to more pieces to prolong this beautiful evening.



I was amazed by the ambient, as it was the first time I visited the Franciscan monastery and sitting in the middle of the historic building next to the well under the open sky gave the whole concert an unique atmosphere. The place is fantastic for classical music performances, although these days it is unbearably hot even at 10 pm, so that must be pretty hard on the performers.
Walking back to our car through Riva and Pjaca, I was actually looking forward to get back to Jelsa as soon as possible. Hvar night life has changed since last time I was there several years ago. Very young people, very drunk, at an very early hour. Young man laying face down on Riva next to a big yacht throwing up at 9 pm is not the Hvar I remember.
The Hvar Cultural Summer Festival stays solid during all these years, surrounded and protected by the tick stone walls of the Franciscan Monastery. A very nice thing in a city full of young and loud.

You can find the program in our Events section. Enjoy!!