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Dinosaurs on Hvar: The Famous Footprint Captured

By paul 19 June 2015

One of the things I like most about hitchhiking on Hvar is the opportunity to catch up with people you have not seen for a long time. People like Sinisa from Secret Hvar, who kindly picked me up in his shiny new van by the ferry on the way to Hvar Town. Things are obviously going well for him, and deservedly so.

As the pioneer of the Jeep safari and one passionate about the island's heritage, I was a little amused and very interested to see these pictures on the Secret Hvar Facebook page this week.

The secret dinosaur footprint! 

One of the first articles I wrote on Total Hvar was about the National Geographic discovery of physical evidence of dinosaurs on Hvar, in the form of a footprint. Here is what I wrote:

A research project in 2004, funded by National Geographic and headed by archaeologist Michael Caldwell from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, and Croatian palaeontologist Jakov Radovcic, made a sensational discovery of dinosaur prints.

"We have discovered spectacular footprints of titanosaurs. They belong to the group of sauropods and have lived 90 million years ago," Radovcic was quoted in Croatian daily, Jutarnji List. 


Radovic explained that the individual creatures were probably 15-20m long, 6m high and weighed about 10 tons. He added that they probably came to the area looking for food, and left their footprints in the mud. Although he declined to reveal the exact location, it was thought to be somewhere between Jelsa and Stari Grad.

The team's theory is that Hvar used to be much closer to Africa during the time that dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

Excitedly - and naively - I rushed to the Stari Grad Tourist Board to find out more details. As I said, naively...

And since then, nothing, until these pictures appeared. To get more of the story, I guess you can either try hitchhiking when the Secret Hvar minibus comes through, or book a tour with Secret Hvar, which may well include dinosaur footprints...