What's On This Month?

Am I Dreaming? Indian and Chinese Food Now Available in Stari Grad!

There have been rumours for weeks. 

I have sent crack investigative teams into the field to authenticate those rumours.

Without success.

Until now. 

It really is true. You can now eat Indian and Chinese food in a restaurant in Stari Grad. Many thanks to Chris from the Quaich Experience for this excellent find, as well as reports that she will be back for more soon. 

Not having tried it, all I can tell you is that it is run by a guy called Andy from Birmingham, who has been coming here for years, and it is located at Restaurant Galija, next to Marco's. Spicy section of the menu above, and it also serves other food too. 

Good luck Andy, look forward to trying it soon. Follow Galija on Facebook.