New York University Professor - The Millionth Guest in Split Today

By 27 August 2015
Split is far from the transit destination it once was, as tourists have realized that the city has much to offer and is worth staying for a few days. According to Dalmacija News, this evening, a millionth overnight will be achieved - two months earlier than last year.
It will be the 4 star Hotel Cornaro in the centre to host the city´s millionth guest - an American, Michael Werner from Albany, New York. Mr. Werner is a professor of archaeology at the State University of New York, who came to Split for a conference about Diocletian and who happened to take part in the excavations in Diocletian´s Palace many years ago as a student.
Professor Werner is fluent in Croatian, which he learned as a student 30 years ago and is pleased about the fact, that although Split has grown and changed in those years, people stayed as warm and friendly as he remembers them.

What a funny coincidence to have the millionth guest actually involved in the Days of Diocletian this way. The spirit of the Emperor Diocletian is still present within the city and everyone is welcome to enjoy it these days.

Congratulations, Split! To the next million!!