Days of Diocletian 2015 - Full Program Here

By 19 August 2015

It is rather unique, the Palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian. Why? Because it is actually still there after so many years and changes, the very old walls are still standing and the spirit of the Roman times is still very alive. Even more so, if you get the chance to visit Split during the Days of Diocletian.

(photos: Dani Dioklecijana 2013)

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This 4 day event turns Split into a time machine, which takes us to the Roman times. With a parade of Roman legions and carriages passing on Riva to Roman music and the Emperor Diocletian greeting the crows - you will be able to experience the city as it once was - once, when Romans ruled the world.

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This year, the Days of Diocletian takes place on August 28 till August 31, 2015. Here is the full program from the Split tourist board:page 0

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