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'Meeting Point': Multimedia Help to Get the Most Out of Varazdin

By 16 May 2017

Making tourist information more accessible in Varazdin this summer.

The new epicentre for service information and events can be found at the multimedia info point "Meeting Point", which is conveniently located in front of the Tourist Board office in Varazdin.


Meeting Point is a multimedia information point that contains information about the tourist and cultural offer, excursions into the countryside, service information, and events in the creative industry in Varazdin. In addition to Meeting Point, guests and citizens also have access to a new application for mobile phones called "inVarazdin". Available for both Android and iOS users, this application contains all the information about the tourist and cultural offer, service information, and events - just as Meeting Point does. All data is in Croatian and English, and has processed a total of over 300 terms with more than 520 photos.

"There is a list where there are pharmacies, gas stations, ATMs and more. In addition, we have also put into operation an application for smart phones called inVaraždin for Android and iOS users. The application can be downloaded at the Meeting Point via the code, and is also available in the App Store. It contains all the information like Meeting Point and is also free to use, so it will be useful for information on all events in the city,'' said Jelena Toth, director of the Tourist Board of Varazdin. Toth added that Meeting Point is a way to use contemporary multimedia to create and gather information about the cultural, tourist and economic assets of the city and the region.

"Varazdin is increasingly becoming a popular tourist destination that is recognized in continental Croatia, but it is also supported by figures. This is a nice step forward in terms of tourism, and this will give all those who come to Varazdin a single place to enable all the necessary information in the city. The numbers year after year have positive growth with about 5 percent more arrivals in the city. This is one convenient step forward in terms of tourism,” said Mayor of Varazdin, Goran Habus, who added that there are several other important places in the city where meeting points can be set up such as at railway and bus stations and the main promenade.

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