Varazdin County in Focus

Trakoscan to Be Featured on Europe's Prettiest Postage Stamp?

It is one of Croatia's most striking buildings, but will Trakoscan be gracing the postboxes of Europe on a regular basis soon?

In an age of email and social media messaging, deliveries by the postman these days seem to be reduced to monthly bills, and then reminders of those unpaid bills. Nothing very romantic in that.

But what if a little touch of joy and dreaminess of an exotic faraway place could accompany those dreaded letters?

Postage stamps over the years have fascinated collectors and recipients since the first Penny Black in 1840, and with such a beautiful country as Croatia, it is not surprising that Croatian images on postage stamps are well received. And while many equate stunning Croatia with the Adriatic Coast, there are so many spectacular treasures in continental Croatia which are equally deserving as picturesque ambassadors of Croatian tourism.

And the Croatian Post Office seems to agree, chooing the majestic Trakoscan Castle in Varazdin County, one of the true jewels of Croatia's tourist attractions, as its official candidate for the most beautiful postage stamp in Europe.

A press conference at Trakoscan at midday on May 8, 2017 will officially announce the stamp, and all are welcome.

Trakoscan, of course, is stunning in all seasons. Ever wondered where the inspiration for the hit movie, Frozen, came from – Trakoscan perhaps? Check out this outstanding video of a fairytale castle in white.

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