Varazdin County in Focus

Sara Kolak, from Olympic Gold to Ludbreg Wine Label

By 24 August 2016

Communities have different ways of commemorating their heroes, and one winemaker in Lubreg has found an innovative way of celebrating Sara Kolak's Olympic javelin gold on August 23, 2016.

The town of Ludbreg in Varazdin County has a new sporting hero after the miracle javelin throw from 21 year-old Ludbreg athlete in Rio, which won her Olympic gold. 

There has been quite a party since that event, including the welcome party for the town's Olympic hero, and one winemaker has decided to do a little extra to celebrate the star athlete.

Vinarija Strucic has produced a special Sara Kolak label for four of their quality white wines - rajnski rizling, grasevina, sauvignon and chardonnay. The label in the picture above is their chardonnay, and the winery very generously presented Sara with 50 bottles of her own label upon her return (with thanks to Silvija Munda from G.E.T. Report for the information).

I am not sure if there are any bottles commercially available, but you can always contact the winery via their website to ask. 

Ludbreg is perhaps not the best known wine region in Croatia, but it does have its own wine road and produce a range of excellent, predominantly white, wines. Learn more about the Ludbreg wine road here.