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Ludbreg, the Miracle Croatian Town in the Centre of the World

By 23 August 2016

Croatia has a new sporting darling after Sarah Kolak's 'miracle' throw to win Olympic gold in the javelin in Rio. And she comes from a town of miracles...

I must admit that I smiled when I heard where Croatia's newest sporting heroine comes from.

A little town in Varazdin County called Ludbreg, which I had the good fortune to visit earlier this year.


It was such an unusual place, with its solar tree in the main square, its (not unreasonable) claim to be the centre of the world, and a host of other reasons that I wrote an article calling Ludbreg the Most Fascinating Unusual Little Town in Croatia. Read the article here

And so a superstar performance worthy of an Olympic gold is perhaps quite fitting for this unusual little town, where nothing is quite the same as its neighbours. Many commentators described Sara's throw as a miracle - it was certainly mighty impressive, but it is unlikely to become known as the biggest miracle in Ludbreg, for the Vatican itself has passed verdict on some rather unusual events during Mass several centuries ago, and Ludbreg has its very own Papal-approved miracle.

During Mass one day, the communion wine turned into blood, one of the few Vatican-approved miracle sites in Europe. Following an investigation by the Vatican in 1513, a Papal Bull was issued (you can visit it in the small museum in the building where the miracle took place).

Ludbreg is about to celebrate with its annual pilgrimage, with more than 100,000 people expected. Click here for the full programme in the days leading up to the main day - all starts on August 28.  

And while you are there, find out why many claim that this charming little miracle town is known as the centre of the world. It is a very unusual place. Learn more here.

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