Donations in Trilj Welcome - Clothes, Shoes, Food, etc.

By 31 August 2015

The Female Association "Triljanke" Trilj and The Female Comunity "Katarina Zrinski" prepared an humanitarian action "Let´s Show our Humanity in Action" ("Prikažimo svoju humanost na djelu"). In the period of September 1-18, 2015, it is possible to donate cloths, shoes, hygienic necessities and food for the people in need of the Trilj area.

Donations will be received in the space next to the movie theatre in Trilj on working days from 8 till 14 and on Mondays and Wednesdays from 16 till 18. Ladies from the female associations are informing us about the need for several stoves (gas and wood) and even tables, chairs and beds will be welcome.

Big Thank You to all of you, who will be able to help and will donate in Trilj.

More information at the website.