Thursday, 16 June 2022

Croatian Continental Tourism Offer Boosted With New Hiking Routes

June the 16th, 2022 - Croatian continental tourism has had yet another boost in the form of new hiking and mountaineering trails which are sure to attract not only nature lovers but those who love a nice glass of local Eastern Croatian wine.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, at 253 metres above sea level, it isn't exactly the highest, but it is the easternmost checkpoint of the Croatian Mountaineering Bypass. Skandala is located in the heart of the Srijem vineyards on the magical Fruska gora, just above the well known wine destination of Ilok.

The beautiful rolling hills, landscapes and views of seemingly endless rows of vineyards are worth every step. A mountaineering stamp significant for mountaineers, a break in one of the wineries with a glass of fine local wine and enjoying part of the country few give enough credit to are more than enough of a reason to head to Eastern Croatia.

Of the six new hiking trails set to provide a spring in the step of this form of Croatian continental tourism, as many as four lead across Skandala. Two trails are named after it, the longer one is 14 kilometres, the shorter one is nine, both are circular, starting from the Vukovo lookout point, leading through vineyards to the highest peak of Liska at 297 metres above sea level, and back over Skandala, returning to the starting point.

From Bapska to Principovac, there is a 22-kilometre-long hiking trail, also the longest of these six new ones. Whoever decides to hike along it will follow the paths of Odescalchi, the famous Ilok prince's family, who planted the first Traminer vines on the Principovac country estate way back in 1710. Those who walk the 17-kilometre-long Lovka-Rados trail, which leads to the Easternmost Croatian settlement and its vineyards, will also enjoy the beauty of the vineyards and a refreshing glass of said Traminer.

Hikers will be able to enjoy the silence of Srijem on the 12-kilometre-long Slovak House (Slovacka kuca) trail that leads from Rados to Liska, and the 6.5-kilometre-long trail that leads from Principovac to the highest peak through vineyards and forests.

"In addition to mountaineers, cyclists, recreationists and athletes, these six new hiking and mountaineering trails are attractive to all sorts of nature lovers, as well as to lovers of high quality wines. These trails pass through famous vineyards such as Principovac, Vukovo and Rados, they're arranged, marked out, properly traced, mapped, and are connected to the already existing well-known hiking and biking trails of Srijem and Slavonia.

This new Croatian continental tourism offer local to Srijem and Slavonia is the result of successful cooperation between the Tourist Board of Vukovar-Srijem County and the Croatian Mountaineering Association (Cibalia) from Vinkovci, whose members regularly hike in this beautiful area,'' stated Rujana Busic Srpak, the director of Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board.

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Thursday, 16 June 2022

Korean Air Zagreb Charter Flights in Works for October 2022

June 16, 2022 - Croatian Aviation exclusively reveals that Korean Air Zagreb charter flights are in the plans for October, connecting Seoul and Zagreb later this year. 

A Croatian Aviation exclusive reveals that the Korean national airline and SkyTeam alliance member is planning charter flights to Zagreb in October this year!

The Korean airline used to operate on a regular route between Seoul and Zagreb until the outbreak of the pandemic. At one point, Korean Air announced on its official website the possibility of re-establishing this direct line this summer season, though this will not happen, which, given the reduced demand, was expected. The airline plans to replace the risk of re-establishing this regular line with charter operations between Seoul and Zagreb in October this year.

October, along with April and May, is the month in which Korean citizens travel the most abroad, so it is not surprising that operations are announced at the very end of the summer season. It is at the time of Chuseok when most citizens use their vacations and go on trips abroad.

Several South Korean tour operators are offering travel packages to Croatia in October, and an agreement was reached between the tour operator and Korean Air on conducting charter operations to the Croatian capital. The project is logistically supported by Croatian Aviation, primarily in the form of the organization of transport and crew accommodation in Zagreb.

Regular charter operations are planned once a week, from October 7 to 29 this year, with arrival in Zagreb on Friday and departure on Saturday.

Tour operators are also working on the option to turn the planned direct line between Seoul and Zagreb into a stop line in Athens in case of lower interest in holidays in Croatia. The final decision will be made in the coming months.

A330-200 aircraft with a capacity of 218 seats in Korean Air's fleet is planned for these charter flights. This type of aircraft was not frequent in Zagreb when Korean Air operated on a regular route between the two cities.

The airline claims that the decision on the summer flight schedule for next year has not yet been made, so the regular line between Seoul and Zagreb for the next summer season is questionable. As these are currently planned charter flights, operational changes are certainly possible.

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Thursday, 16 June 2022

Marin Čilić Books Queen's Club Quarterfinals for 9th Time!

June 16, 2022 - Two-time Queen's Club champion Marin Čilić has advanced to the Queen's Club quarterfinals for the 9th time in his career!

Two-time winner of the London ATP tournament, the best Croatian tennis player Marin Čilić (ATP - 17th), advanced to the quarterfinals on grass at the Queen's Club for the ninth time in his career. Marin defeated Kazakhstan's Alexander Bublik (ATP - 37th) in the 2nd round with 7- 6 (6), 7-5 in 94 minutes of play. 

It was their third meeting and Čilić's third victory, after winning the previous two on clay at the Roman Masters.

Both tennis players were very confident in the first set, so neither game went to a draw and the outcome was decided by a tie-break. Bublik opened it brilliantly and took the lead at 5-0 to reach three set points at 6-3. But a big turnaround from Čilić stopped all set points and after swapping sides, Marin scored two more points and thus won the first set.

Still in shock about how the first set ended, Bublik was disoriented in the second and Croatia's best tennis player took a 3-0 lead after nine minutes of play. 

Everything pointed to the quick end of the match and Čilić's spot in the quarterfinals. However, Marin played the worst game of the entire match, and Bublik came to a break without losing a point, making the outcome of the match a bit uncertain again. 

Čilić did not repeat the mistake from the seventh game and with two more games, he secured at least one more tie-break. But there was no need for that. Bublik paid for his mishaps in the 12th game, and Marin turned the first match point into a victory that brought him a spot in the quarterfinals.

It will be Marin's ninth quarterfinal in his 15th appearance at the Queen's Club. For a spot in the semifinals, Marin will play against Emil Ruusuvuori (ATP - 56th), who defeated Jack Draper 6-2, 7-6 (2) on Wednesday.

It will be Čilić's first match against the 23-year-old Finnish tennis player, and the quarterfinal matches are scheduled for Friday.

Source: HRT

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Thursday, 16 June 2022

Dalmaland Water Park to Open at Fun Park Biograd in 2023

June 16, 2022 - Dalmaland will combine new water park attractions with the already popular Fun Park Biograd!

Croatia gets a unique place of entertainment that combines themes and water attractions modeled on the world's best entertainment centers. Pools and water slides will join the already known Jurassic World, Space, Pirate Bay, and Wild West at the current Fun Park Biograd. Only a few countries in Europe and the world can compete with this unique entertainment offer, reports Dalmatinski Portal

The Dalmaland water park construction and attractions at Fun Park Biograd have been officially announced. 

On Wednesday, June 15, 2022, many figures from the county, municipalities, tourist boards, hotel representatives, sponsors, and Erste Bank attended the ceremonial laying of the foundation. Among others, the president of the Zadar County Chamber of Commerce Denis Ikić, the Zadar County representative Ante Vukašin and the mayor of Biograd na Moru Ivan Knez were in attendance, while the blessing was led by Don Frane Šindija from the Biograd parish.

The designers of the water park and the contractors are Croatian companies. The world-famous Polin Waterparks company will build the water attractions, which has so far constructed slides for more than 50 world water parks. The end of works and the opening of Dalmaland are scheduled for May 2023.

Dalmaland will feature the following:

- wave pool - pool with artificial waves to enjoy and relax after adrenaline slides,

- children's water slides and swimming pool provides carefree entertainment for the youngest, with water cannons, slides, and water fountains,

- water slides with pool - water descents of different heights with many lights and sound effects that the whole family will enjoy in safe conditions across more than two kilometers,

- swimming pool for diving - water oasis of fun for all ages,

- adrenaline fast looping rocket slide that reaches an incredible speed of 12.56 m / s and windigo of 11.07 m / s, the pools will have built-in heat pumps for heating.

The representatives announced that new equipment would be procured for the 2023 season. Namely, the entire Fun Park Biograd will switch to cash-less payment bracelets with an RFID reader.

The entire investment is worth HRK 50,000,000.00; the investment will be made from Erste Bank Investment Loan funds. It will provide an additional 30 jobs so that the number of employees in the Park will be 100, of which 30 are permanent.

Given the high seasonality of tourism and heat in the summer, it was necessary to use the position in the center of the Dalmatian coast, which will undoubtedly increase revenues and local businesses from hotels, restaurants, and private companies and bring Zadar County to the top of tourism lists, both domestic and foreign - and given the Mediterranean climate and the number of sunny days, there is hope to increase the length of the season!

The water park expansion will be a step in the vision of creating a unique Fun Pak Biograd entertainment zone. Along with the Wild West Universe, Pirate Bay, and Jurassic World, the Dalmaland water park will stand alongside the largest water parks and provide entertainment that does not exist in this part of Europe.

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Thursday, 16 June 2022

International Yoga Day Celebrated at Zrinjevac Park on June 21

June 16, 2022 - To celebrate International Yoga Day and 75 years of independence of the Republic of India, the Embassy of India in Croatia has organized 75 yoga events and sessions across the country. The 75th and final event will be held in Zagreb, at Zrinjevac Park, on June 21.

This year, the Republic of India celebrates 75 years of independence, and that is why the Embassy of India in Croatia has organized a series of very special events to celebrate not only its independence, obtained on August 15, 1947, when the Indian Independence Act came into effect, but also International Yoga Day (IYD), which is celebrated every year on June 21st. 


All locations where yoga events have been held for International Yoga Day and India's 75th anniversary of independence.

In recent years, Croatia has resumed looking at other parts of the world, particularly Asia. India and Croatia currently enjoy robust bilateral political and cultural ties, and both countries are focussed on imparting greater economic content to the relationship. There is also close cooperation at the multilateral level.

The Embassy of India in Croatia has organized 75 yoga events distributed in the following five zones of 15 workshops: (1) Varaždin - Vukovar, (2) Zagreb and surroundings, (3) Kvarner, (4) Istria, and (5) Dalmatia. For the past 10 days, 30 yoga events have already been held throughout Croatia.


Celebration of International Yoga Day in Pula. (Image: Embassy of India in Croatia/Facebook)

As part of the celebration, the Embassy of India in Croatia with the support of yoga partners, Yoga in Daily Life Zagreb, Croatian Yoga Association, Bhakti Marga Croatia, ISKCON Zagreb, The Art of Living, Mohanji Croatia, and others want to invite all interested citizens to participate at the joint exercise and the presentation of yoga at the central celebration in the park on Nikola Šubić Zrinski Square, popularly called Zrinjevac, on Tuesday, June 21, starting at 9.00 am. This will be the closing event among the 75 yoga events carried out for the past two weeks.


Celebration of International Yoga Day on the island of Korčula. (Image: Embassy of India in Croatia/Facebook)

At 9:00 am, the event will open with an introductory speech by the Ambassador of India to Croatia, H. E. Mr. Raj Kumar Srivastava. A demonstration of Yoga exercises will follow between 9:10 am and 10:00 am and will be carried out by Yoga in Daily Life, the Croatian Yoga Association, and the Art of Living Foundation. Finally, the celebration of the International Yoga Day at Zrinjevac park will end with Ayurvedic refreshments.


Celebration of International Yoga Day on the island of Biševo. (Image: Tena Yoga/Facebook)

Just to remind you that is necessary to bring your own mat or towel, a bottle of water and comfortable clothes for sports activities.

You can find more information on the official Facebook event as well as on the pages of the Embassy of India in Croatia, the Croatian Yoga Association, and Mohanji Croatia.

Confirm your assistance to the email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Friday, June 17th.

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Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Milanović: Why Doesn't Schmidt Use His Powers and Change Bosnia Election Law?

ZAGREB, 15 June 2022 - Croatian President Zoran Milanović wondered on Wednesday why the international High Representative to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Christian Schmidt, did not use his powers to change the election law and make it possible for the Croats to choose their own representatives at elections.

"Why doesn't he use his Bonn powers, which are undemocratic and despotic, but are nevertheless used? Why doesn't he take a decision that will ensure automatic implementation of the Constitutional Court ruling so that we don't depend on the Assembly that refuses to comply with the Constitutional Court order?" Milanović said during a visit to Sisak.

The Bosnia and Herzegovina Constitutional Court ruled in 2016 that the existing law discriminates against the constituent peoples because it allows the more numerous Bosniaks to choose a portion of Croat delegates to the upper, ethnic-based House of Peoples of the Parliament of the Bosniak-Croat Federation entity. Should the Bosniaks succeed in electing a third of the 17 Croat delegates, a Federation government and a state-level Council of Ministers could be appointed without Croat representatives.

Earlier this month, Schmidt used the Bonn powers to impose a decision on the financing of this year's general election, ordering the allocation of the full amount of €6.3 million for this purpose, as requested by the Central Election Commission, instead of the €4.8 million approved by the Council of Ministers.

The Office of the High Representative has imposed about 900 different decisions since 1997. Schmidt's predecessor Valentin Inzko used the Bonn powers at the end of his term to ban the denial of the Srebrenica genocide and the glorification of war criminals.

Milanović pointed out that Schmidt was in this position illegally because he was not confirmed by the UN Security Council.

The Croatian president also commented on the statement by Serge Brammertz, Chief Prosecutor of the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Courts, the legal successor to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague, that Croatia was seeking justice only for Croatian victims. "Ta-ta, goodbye, we've had enough of this harassment and tyranny," Milanović said.

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Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Minister: Existing Laws Enable Builders to Ask for Increase in Price for Their Work

ZAGREB, 15 June 2022 - The current regulations enable builders to demand compensation from the client for increased costs, but the first 10% of that increase on the contracted price is borne by the builders who can seek compensation for the rise on top of that, Construction Minister Ivan Paladina said on Wednesday.

In response to questions about the direction the government will pursue in the expected decision for next week which should address the price hikes affecting construction companies, Paladina said that recognising the difference in prices does not require any annexes to contracts because contractual relations legislation already enables the contracting parties to calculate the difference in price at the request of the contractor. The methodologies for that are familiar in the construction industry, he added.

The first 10% increase in comparison to the contracted price of the works is borne by the contractor, and they are eligible to claim the rest of the difference, the minister explained.

Clients can then hire a supervising engineer, project manager or forensic expert to determine the price difference and document evidence of that price difference so that there is a verifiable audit trail, Paladina said.

Contract prices and works have currently increased by about twenty percent en masse, Paladina said.

So far, there is no estimate of how much it will cost the state to compensate builders for the price hike in construction compared to that contracted.

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Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Milanović: Everyone is Somewhat Responsible for Inflation, I Can't Blame Government

ZAGREB, 15 June 2022 - President Zoran Milanović said on Wednesday that everyone was somewhat responsible for the record inflation rate in Croatia, which reached 10.8% in May compared to the same month last year, but that he could not blame the government for that.

"Who is responsible? Everyone in a way. I think the Croatian government isn't. I can't blame it for that," Milanović said during a visit to Sisak.

"Money has never been cheaper, yet there are no goods. Supply chains are disrupted, which was almost expected. If that was the price to rein in and beat COVID, then that’s fine. However, we will always wonder how dangerous COVID really was. There was a certain danger, it wasn't harmless, but were all these measures justified?" the president wondered.

He said that in the last 30 years we have become accustomed to being without inflation and that in this case, inflation happened spontaneously, concluding that that is "not good." He said the cause lies in large amounts of money, higher incomes and fewer products on the market, noting that the instruments available to central bankers are limited.

“Interest up, interest down. It's like treating blood pressure - you try and try and in the end, something works," Milanovic said.

He also commented on the arrest of former Petrinja mayor Darinko Dumbović, saying he was not shocked but was unpleasantly surprised if there was evidence of allegations that he had rigged business deals for his son.

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Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Marić: Situation is Complex, Difficult to Predict Further Inflation Trends

ZAGREB, 15 June 2022 - Finance Minister Zdravko Marić said on Wednesday that it was not easy to predict inflation trends for the rest of the year, and that new measures to mitigate its effects would be adopted depending on "developments and possibilities."

"The situation is complex and it is really difficult to predict any trends," Marić said after a cabinet meeting, commenting on the latest data from the Croatian Bureau of Statistics (DZS) on the increased inflation rate in May of 10.8% on the year, which is the highest inflation rate since the DZS has been collecting data.

Marić noted that the European Central Bank reacted a few days ago by announcing an increase in reference interest rates by 0.25 percentage points in July, and although growth will almost certainly occur in September, it is unknown how much, and it depends on further developments with inflation.

He explained that such measures by central banks are one of the main tools to mitigate the effects of inflation. However, he called for caution saying that in the current circumstances it is very important to preserve the economy's normal functioning, in terms of supply chains, as well as maintaining the employment level and GDP.

Given the further rises in energy and food prices, reporters asked Marić if there would be any new measures to help citizens and the economy, to which he replied that certain decisions would be made depending on "developments and possibilities."

There are a lot of initiatives and the government is taking everything into account, but it has to look at the broader picture all the time, Marić added.

Asked whether, due to the situation with interest rates, that could result in a significant increase in loan repayments for citizens, which, according to media reports, banks have already informed some clients about, Marić said that he personally did not receive any such notice and that was a question for the banks and the Croatian National Bank.

From talks held with the European Central Bank and the domestic financial industry, Marić concluded that, regardless of the trends leading to increased interest rates, this dynamic is "not that significant."

He explained that all those who have fixed interest rates on existing loans are de facto protected. He also said that the situation with rising interest rates should not be linked to past loans pegged to the Swiss franc.

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Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Croatian Clubs Learn First Champions League and Conference League Opponents

June 15, 2022 - Croatian clubs have learned their opponents in the upcoming Champions League and Conference League season. A look at what Dinamo, Hajduk, Osijek, and Rijeka have in store. 

In the second qualifying round of the Champions League, Croatian football champion Dinamo will play against the winner of the first qualifying round between North Macedonian club Shkupi and Lincoln Red Imps from Gibraltar. The draw was held in Nyon on Wednesday. 

Dinamo will host the first match, which will take place on July 19 or 20. The return match will be played on July 26 or 27. Dinamo thus avoided the Swiss champion Zurich and Slovan from Bratislava.

Dinamo will be the leader through all preliminary rounds. If they are successful in the second qualifying round, they are automatically guaranteed to play in the Conference League group stage, while entering the Champions League play-offs guarantees them the Europa League group stage. 

Later in the day, Osijek and Rijeka found out their rivals in the second qualifying round of the Conference League, while Hajduk will join the competition in the third qualifying round.

Osijek will play against Kyzylzhar from Kazakhstan, while Rijeka will play against the Swedish Djurgarden in the 2nd qualifying round of the Conference League.

The first matches will be played on Thursday, July 21, and the return matches one week later, on July 28.

This means that Osijek will play the first game in Kazakhstan, and play the return match at City Garden a week later, while Rijeka will play the first game at Rujevica.

The Kazakh championship is underway, and Osijek's rival is currently in 11th place. The Swedish Championship is also underway and Djurgarden is currently in fourth place.

Hajduk Split will start the competition in the 3rd qualifying round and learn their opponent only in July. Hajduk gathered for their first preseason training today. 

Coach Valdas Dambrauskas answered questions from numerous media representatives who came to see Hajduk at the training session held at Poljud Stadium.

"We did a good job last season, but we have to prepare for the future. Yes, we play for trophies, we play to make people happy and to have reasons to celebrate, but from today we have to talk about the next games, training, and meetings. What we have done is a part of the past. It is important for the club, but it remains in the past. We need to focus on the new season and new challenges and prepare to be in the best position to win," said Dambrauskas 

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