Hvar Nominated in 3 Categories in 2023 Travel + Leisure Awards

By 20 November 2022
Hvar Nominated in 3 Categories in 2023 Travel + Leisure Awards
Suncani Hvar/Romulic and Stojcic

November 20, 2022 - The international media love affair with the island of Hvar continues, with Croatia's premier island nominated in 3 categories doe the prestigious 2023 Travel + Leisure World's Best Awards. 

When I bought my house in Jelsa on the island of Hvar way back in 2002, I had not heard of the island 2 days before I arrived. It looked very pretty, but I had no idea just how pretty. While walking by the harbour, there was a board with a map of the island, on which was written that the island of Hvar was one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world. I had chosen well. 

That famous statement - I heard it EVERYWHERE after that - came from the 1997 Conde Nast Readers Awards, where Hvar made it into the top 10 islands in the world, as it does pretty much every year, sometime (as in 2019) as the number one island in the world. 

And it is not just Conde Nast that keeps Hvar in the spotlight - the island features regularly in various Best of lists. And the latest one is one where you can play a part - the 2023 Travel + Leisue World's Best Awards, where Hvar has been nominated in no less than 3 categories:

-              Best islands in Europe - Hvar

-              Best cities in Europe - Hvar

-              Best hotels in Croatia - Sunčani Hvar Hotels, hotel Adriana

Voting is open until February 27, 2023, and there is an extra incentive of cash prizes of up to $15,000 cash, as well as a luxury cruise for two fo those who vote. 

You can take part by voting here. 

Think you know eveything about this amazing island, or looking to discover more about Hvar? Just as I knew nothing about the island when I moved there, so I was blown away by the incredible things I discovered living there. Put the beaches and nightlife to one side for the moment, and check out 10 things that blew my mind about Hvar after I bought a house there - I am confident that 90% of locals on the island will learn something about Hvar from this video. 


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