Dubrovnik Winter Flights: 3 National, 3 International Destinations

By 2 November 2022

November 3, 2022 - The new Dubrovnik winter flights timetable is out, reports Croatian Aviation, with improved international connections. 

According to the published winter flight schedule 2022/2023, Dubrovnik should be connected to 3 international and 3 domestic destinations. Croatia Airlines and Trade Air should operate on domestic routes, and Vueling Airlines, Turkish Airlines and British Airways should operate on international routes.

During the entire winter flight schedule, Dubrovnik should be connected by daily flights to Zagreb with the flights of the domestic national carrier. Of course, via Croatia Airlines lines from Zagreb to other European and international destinations.

Among the foreign airlines in Dubrovnik this winter, we should see Vueling Airlines on the route to Barcelona, ​​Turkish Airlines on the route to Istanbul, and British Airways on the route to Gatwick Airport in London. Lines to Barcelona, ​​Istanbul and London (Gatwick) should enable Dubrovnik to have a direct connection with international destinations during the winter, so we hope that the mentioned lines and flights will actually come true.

You can view the entire schedule of the 2022/2023 winter flight schedule at Dubrovnik airport by clicking on this LINK. Of course, this schedule is subject to change, and it is quite certain that the airlines will adapt the flight schedule to their own assessments and needs, so subsequent changes and cancellations should not surprise us too much.

Certainly, we want Dubrovnik airport, just like our other airports, to have as many winter lines and flights as possible!

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