Dubrovnik Through the Local Lens of Ivan Vukovic

By 10 October 2022
Sunset in Dubrovnik. The breathtaking views from Ploce area.
Sunset in Dubrovnik. The breathtaking views from Ploce area. All photos copyright Ivan Vukovic

October 10, 2022 - There are many promoters of destinations in Croatia, all doing their own thing. Meet one of the best in Dubrovnik, Ivan Vukovic, and his magical lens.

Dubrovnik in the international media again, this time on CNN. Someone sent me the link, and I smiled. I didn't even have to guess which name would be featured as the local expert, for I already knew based on past experience.

Ivan Vukovic.

An accomplished tour guide, photographer, world traveller, and plenty of things I know little about, when it comes to the local flavour of international promotion of Dubrovnik, the name of Ivan Vukovic is usually involved. 

One thing I really appreciate about his photography of the Pearl of the Adriatic is how Ivan manages to capture a more less touristy flavour with his shots. He kindly sent me these photos and (his) descriptions to give a little more colour to the magnificent Pearl of the Adriatic. 

And if you are looking for a tour guide with an alternative take on the city,  check out his Dubrovnik Tour Guides site.


Tiramola in the backstreets. Typical laundry line and way of life in the old town.


Blue hour in Dubrovnik. Windy September night on Stradun.


Minceta fortress - standing proud and tall.

The views from there are the best in the sunset for photo enthusiasts.


Lovrjenac fort - Gibraltar of Dubrovnik.

Famous Red Keep in Game of Thones.


Sunrise in Dubrovnik. In case you want to avoid crowds and heat in the high season, just wake up early.


Stradun in early morning. Old town wakes up slowly. Soft light and quietness.


The view from Bogisic park.

St. Ignatius church and Lokrum island in the background.


Stradun - main promenade. Typical example of roman urbanism. Do not be afraid to explore side streets. Beware of stairs and cats :)


Saltwater pool by Banje beach.

Instagrammable hotspot.