Croatian Hotels Have Best Ratings and Reviews in Entire Mediterranean

By 9 October 2022

October the 9th, 2022 - Croatian hotels have the best reviews and ratings in the entire Mediterranean region, but there is one thing which could use some improvement...

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marija Crnjak writes, Croatian hotels have the best guest ratings in the Mediterranean, but they haven't valorised them through their prices which remain lower than both in Italy and France, especially in the pre- and post-season.

In other words, claims that Croatia has become too expensive have little to no basis, especially in the five-star hotel segment. Admittedly, the country is still weak when it comes to the world of card payments, as was revealed by the leading analysts who gathered recently at a panel as part of this year's Days of Croatian Tourism event in Sibenik.

According to an analysis by Trust You based on guest ratings on all online platforms, Croatian hotels have higher guest ratings than hotels in France, Italy, Greece and Spain, and this country remains the most competitive in terms of friendly service, as stated by Larisa Dedus, the director of Trust You.

"Croatian hotels lead the way in high ratings when it comes to guest satisfaction. The top four categories that contribute to excellence and are mentioned the most in guest's texts are room categories, hotels in general, location and services. The guests give the highest marks to the friendliness of the staff, which contributes to the guest feeling good in Croatia," sais Dedus.

Sandra Jankovic from the Faculty of Tourism Management pointed out, however, that Croatian hotels didn't fully valorise these good ratings.

"Croatian hotels had the lowest room prices in the entire Mediterranean, and five-star hotels had lower prices than their competitors in both France and Italy, especially in the period before and after the height of the summer season, with room prices of less than 100 euros. However, in 2022, the average price per room increased by 25 percent. Despite higher costs and slightly lower utilisation, this season, five -star hotels managed to pick the cream of the crop, seeing them achieve an increase in gross operating profit,'' pointed out Jankovic.

When it comes to card payments, which is a proven generator of tourist spending, the Republic of Croatia is significantly below its competitors.

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