People Wait Over 1 Hour for Zagreb Train After Driver Doesn't Turn Up

June the 21st, 2022 - Croatian trains aren't exactly known for their speed and efficiency, but the driver simply not bothering to turn up for work is something you don't see every day. Recently, people were forced to wait for over an hour for their Zagreb train precisely because of this.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, yesterday morning, passengers waited for an hour and 20 minutes for their Zagreb train at the railway station in Krizevci, local portal Danica reported.

The train in question is one affectionately referred to as ''Varazdinac'' (a man from Varazdin) on which many passengers from outside of the capital go to work in the City of Zagreb every single day. Due to the works taking place on the railway section, they were transferred by bus from Koprivnica to the station at Krizevci, where they were to continue their onward journey by train. But there they were surprised by having to stand around and wait for more than an hour without a reason being provided at all at first.

"They first said over the loudspeaker that the train that was supposed to leave at 06:23 and was an hour late. But we learned from the conductor that they were actually waiting for the train driver to show up to do his job. This man obviously simply forgot to come to work,'' said an understandably indignant passenger who was late for work because of the drama surrounding the driverless Zagreb train.

The driver finally showed up to work, and the train left the station heading for the capital following an approximately eighty minute delay, which isn't something you'd expect even by Croatian train standards. It still isn't known why the train driver simply decided to not come to work at the normal time, Danica writes.

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