Zagreb Classic: Heavenly Sounds Under Open Skies at BuzZg

By 12 June 2022

June 12, 2022 - Summer is approaching, and the parks are calling for a season of outstanding outdoor concerts with this year's Zagreb Classic in the Croatian capital. 

Zagreb really is a city for all seasons, and I am looking forward to spending my first full summer here without the traditional summer stop on the coast.

In recent years, Zagreb has attracted the global tourism headlines for its hugely successful Advent in Zagreb event, which went from almost nothing to being voted the best Christmas market in Europe three years in a row (read more about this masterclass in tourism development in From Zero to European Champion: a History of Advent in Zagreb


(Photo credit: Sanjin Kastelan)

Summer, of course, has a completely different feel, and one that I am looking forward to exploring in more detail. The majesty of outdoors Zagreb really comes into play, as its green spaces, squares and streets are put to versatile use to bring the city to life. In recent years, Zagreb is slowly gaining a bigger and bigger reputation as a city of art, culture and music, and its fresh approach to maximising the city's offer makes the summer months an attractive alternative to those not looking for a beach holiday. As I wrote recently in Back to Normal: Summer in Zagreb, Concerts, Culture & Festivals, there is a LOT going on this summer in the city, with the end of this month holding one of the best events of all - Zagreb Classic. 

King Tomislav Square - just opposite the main train station - is the place to be for 7 days of outstanding local and international classical music, featuring internationally renowned violinists Anastasiya Petryshak and Francesco Manara, soprano Cristina Mosca, singer-songwriter Joyce Jonathan, Cameristi della Scala ensemble, Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra, Croatian National Theater ensemble, soloists and choir of the City Theater Komedija, Croatian Army Jazz Orchestra, conductors Marcello Rota, Paolo Spadaro Munitto and Davor Dropuljić, composer and musician Tonči Huljić as well as musician Hana Huljić Grašo, singer and actor Adalbert Turner Juci and others. 

Zagreb Classic made its debut on the Zagreb tourism calendar back in 2016, the same year Advent in Zagreb started attracting global attention and awards. In many ways, it is symbolic of what tourism in the capital is during the summer - a focus on relaxing in the many green and open places, while enjoying high-quality entertainment in the open air during balmy summer evenings. One of the things I am appreciating more about my new home as I wander the streets at this time of year is the sheer number of smaller events and concerts which are taking place, with music appearing almost a free staple product during an evening stroll. Zagreb Classic is the epitome of this. 

Zagreb Tourist Board CEO Martina Bienenfeld is looking forward to another high-quality festival:

"Ukrainian violin soloist Anastasiya Petryshak opens this year's Zagreb Classic accompanied by the Croatian National Theater Opera Orchestra in Zagreb. Over a period of 7 days, visitors will be able to enjoy carefully selected performances by domestic and international performers and the wonderful ambiance and atmosphere of King Tomislav Square. Zagreb Classic lasts until Wednesday, June 29, when the chamber orchestra Cameristi della Scala, consisting of musicians from the Teatro alla Scala orchestra from Milan, will perform. All programs during all 7 days are free of charge, so I invite everyone to come to Zagreb Classic and enjoy top-class classical music in the open air."

And what a programme it is:

Thursday, June 23, starting at 21:00

Soloist: Anastasiya Petryshak, violin (Ukraine); Orchestra of the Opera of the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb conducted by Paolo Spadaro Munitto (Italy)


Rossini Ouverture from Barbiere di Siviglia

W. A. Mozart Symphony no. 29 in A major K201

W. A. Mozart Violin concerto no. 3 in G major K216

L. v. Beethoven Romance no. 2 op. 50 in F major

M. Skoryk Spanish dance from “The Stone Host” suite

Friday, June 24, 21:00

Alfi Kabiljo: “My Musicals #2” - Zagreb city theater Komedija conducted by Dinko Appelt


1. MEDLEY (M. Grgić – A. Kabiljo EMPEROR FRANZ JOSEPH IN ZAGREB, 1989) orchestra
2. LET THE ACTORS COME (M. Grgić – A. Kabiljo: EMPEROR FRANZ JOSEPH IN ZAGREB, 1989) Renata Sabljak, Vanda Winter, choir
3. PREMIERE (M. Bulgakov – V. Kljaković – M. Grgić: RED ISLAND, 1981) Sandra Bagarić, Vlatka Burić Dujmović, Danijela Pintarić, Renata Sabljak, Vanda Winter, Ervin Baučić, Dražen Bratulić, Filip Hozjak, Đani Stipaničev, Adalbert Turner
4. WONDERFUL DAYS (M. Grgić – A. Kabiljo: THE BIG RACE, 1969) Danijela Pintarić, Ervin Baučić, choir
5. EVERYONE'S KISSING (M. Grgić – A. Kabiljo: SHAGGY LIFE, 1976) Filip Hozjak
6. A HOLIDAY IS A HOLIDAY (M. Grgić – A. Kabiljo: THE BUTTERFLY BOY, 1976.) Vlatka Burić Dujmović, Danijela Pintarić, Dražen Bratulić, Ervin Baučić, Adalbert Turner, Sandra Bagarić, Vanda Winter, Filip Hozjak, choir
7. LET LIFE BE NOT A DREAM (M. Grgić – A. Kabiljo: THE BUTTERFLY BOY, 1976) Renata Sabljak
8. LET'S HAVE A NICE TIME (M. Gavran – A. Kabiljo: THE THEFT OF MONA LISA) Đani Stipaničev, choir
9. A WOMAN'S FATE  (M. Gavran – A. Kabiljo: THE  THEFT OF MONA LISA) Danijela Pintarić
10. JOURNEYS (M. Maras –  A. Kabiljo MADAME HAMLET) Jasna Bilušić
11. NORMA JEAN (I. Krajač –  A. Kabiljo MARILYN MONROE) choir
12. TO A WOMAN (I. Krajač –  A. Kabiljo MARILYN MONROE) Vanda Winter, Danijela Pintarić, Vlatka Burić Dujmović, Đani Stipaničev, Sandra Bagarić, Jasna Bilušić, Renata Sabljak, Ervin Baučić, Dražen Bratulić, Filip Hozjak, Adalbert Turner, choir
13. CYCLAMENS (D. Britvić – A. Kabiljo: ONE SONG A DAY TAKES MISCHIEF AWAY, 1998) Dražen Bratulić, Sandra Bagarić
14. THE BEAUTIFUL ZAGREB (D. Britvić – A. Kabiljo: ONE SONG A DAY TAKES MISCHIEF AWAY, 1998) Adalbert Turner, choir
15. THE KING IS NAKED (M. Grgić – A. Kabiljo: THE KING IS NAKED, 1994) Danijela Pintarić, Vlatka Burić Dujmović, Dražen Bratulić, Adalbert Turner, choir
16. NOTHING BUT TRUE LOVE (M. Grgić – A. Kabiljo: THE KING IS NAKED, 1994) Ervin Baučić, Vanda Winter, choir
Choreography by Dejan Jakovljević according to Sonja Kastl and Lili Čaki
17. WHAT HAPPENS TO US TOMORROW (M. Grgić – A. Kabiljo: YALTA, YALTA, 1971) Renata Sabljak
18. YALTA, YALTA (M. Grgić – A. Kabiljo: YALTA, YALTA, 1971) Đani Stipaničev, choir
19. ONE SONG A DAY TAKES MISCHIEF AWAY (D. Britvić – A. Kabiljo: ONE SONG A DAY TAKES MISCHIEF AWAY, 1998) Sandra Bagarić, Jasna Bilušić, Vlatka Burić Dujmović, Danijela Pintarić, Renata Sabljak, Vanda Winter, Ervin Baučić, Dražen Bratulić, Filip Hozjak, Đani Stipaničev, Adalbert Turner, choir; Choreography by Dejan Jakovljević according to Lili Čaki
20. LET THIS WHOLE WORLD (M. Grgić – A. Kabiljo: YALTA, YALTA, 1971) Sandra Bagarić, Jasna Bilušić, Vlatka Burić Dujmović, Danijela Pintarić, Renata Sabljak, Vanda Winter, Ervin Baučić, Dražen Bratulić, Filip Hozjak, Đani Stipaničev, Adalbert Turner, choir

Photo credit: Ines Novković 

Friday, June 25, 21:00

Tonči Huljić: Mediterranean Pop Mass Ave Maria; Hana Huljić Grašo: Dies Irae


The piece is divided into three parts: part one is the concert mass itself with the acts: Kyrie Eleison, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus Benedictus, Agnus Dei. Part two consists of Dies Irae, and part three is entitled Ave Maria.

Saturday, June 26, 21:00

Joyce Jonathan, French singer-songwriter concert as part of France’s presidency of the European Union


20:30 Speech by French Embassy representatives
20:35 Multilingual competition of music spots
20:40 Award ceremony
21:00 Joyce Jonathan concert

Sunday, June 27, 21:00

Nino Rota and Ennio Morricone: “The Most Beautiful Film Music.” Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Marcello Rota (Italy); Soloist: Cristina Mosca, soprano (Italy)


Part 1 – Nino Rota: Romeo e Giulietta, suite The Godfather, suite Le notti di Cabiria, Overture, Canzone, Fox-trot, La strada, Gelsomina theme, Rumba

Part 2 – Ennio Morricone: The professional, Mission Suite’, Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, Giù la testa, Per qualche dollaro in più, C’era una volta in America, C’era una volta il West

Monday, June 28, 21:00

Adalbert Turner Juci & Croatian Army Jazz Orchestra conducted by Davor Dropuljić


Tribute to Sinatra
famous swing classics
American Patrol
In the Mood
Sweet Georgia Brown
popular songs by F. Sinatra (My Way, Strangers in the Night, NY NY)

Tuesday, June 29, 21:00

Cameristi della Scala perform Vivaldi and Piazzolla in “Eight Seasons”; Conductor and soloist: Francesco Manara (Italy)


Vivaldi - The Four Seasons (44 min)
Piazzolla - The Four Seasons (26 min)

Please note that all concerts are dependent on the weather and may be cancelled in case of rain. You can learn more about Zagreb Classic on the official page of the Zagreb Tourist Board website