Croatia Airlines Split Base Continues to Expand with Winter Operations, New 2023 Summer Flights

Croatia Airlines Split Base Continues to Expand with Winter Operations, New 2023 Summer Flights

May 5, 2022 - The latest flight news to Croatia as the Croatia Airlines Split base will continue to expand in the 2022/2023 winter season, with new routes next summer, too. 

Good news for the Dalmatian capital - Croatian national carrier Croatia Airlines is looking to expand operations out of Split Airport! Ex Yu Aviation reports that this news comes after the airline said it would station two aircraft in Split this summer with five new routes. 

Recall, the Croatian national airline Croatia Airlines announced it would introduce new flights to Stockholm, Bucharest, Dublin, Milan, and Amsterdam. Stockholm, Bucharest, Dublin, and Milan were served from Zagreb before the pandemic, while the airline operated to some of these destinations in the past - Amsterdam in October 2013, Dublin in October 1996, and Milan in September 2000.

An Airbus A319 and a Dash 8 turboprop aircraft will be stationed in Split this summer, allowing Croatia Airlines to boost operations on several routes. The airline should also expand operations out of Split in the 2022/2023 winter season, with new routes next summer. 

“Based on the outlook that leisure travel and tourism will recover quicker than business travel following the coronavirus pandemic, we made certain changes to our network. This includes five new destinations from Split and the stationing of one Airbus jet and one Dash there. We have good expectations for the leisure market. We also have plans for winter, while next year we will do something similar. We are optimistic about the summer, which is illustrated through our forward bookings," said Croatia Airlines' Head of Network and Revenue Management, Krešimir Mlinar, at the Aviation Arena webinar.  

“Our biggest problem this year is the price of fuel. The A320 uses two and a half tonnes of fuel per hour. This is a constant, even if a ton of fuel is around 400 euros like last year, 700 euros as was the case at the start of 2022, or 1.200 euros, which is the current price. The numbers are huge, and carriers will have to make up for it through their customers. Our main problem now is that, despite a rise in late bookings, tickets are still being purchased in advance, when the increased costs were not included in the fares for use this summer. From June onwards, we expect high levels of fleet utilisation. Some aircraft types will be in use more than in 2019. That year we also had two jets on wet-lease so as to reduce seasonality. However, it was too risky to employ the same strategy this year," concluded Mlinar. 

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