Where Does Croatian Travel Document Sit on New Powerful Passport List?

By 13 January 2022

January the 13th, 2022 - The Croatian travel document has risen on the list of passport rankings ever since Croatia joined the European Union (EU) back in July 2013. But where does it rank now?

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the company which has become best known for its passport index, has been monitoring the world's most powerful passports since back in 2006, basing all of its rankings of passports from around the world on data from the International Air Travel Association.

They say the measures introduced since the emergence of the global coronavirus pandemic have led to the biggest difference in mobility between countries in as long as sixteen years, but the passport index doesn't take into account current restrictions, so technically all those travelling on the world's most powerful passports can, at least in theory, travel without a visa to as many as 192 countries, as reported by Vecernji list.

In the first place are, rather unsurprisingly, Japan and Singapore, whose citizens can travel without the need for visas to 192 countries. The second place is shared by Germany and South Korea, and the third is taken and shared by Finland, Italy, Luxembourg and Spain, whose citizens can visit as many as 188 countries without any additional travel documents (as things stood before the pandemic struck, and without taking it into account now).

As for the Croatian travel document, Croatia and its immediate region, Hungary, whose citizens can visit 183 countries without the need for a visa, is the best, followed by Slovenia, the passport of which allows for visa-free entry into 181 countries. The Croatian travel document comes in 17th place, which means that those holding it do not need a visa for 173 countries. Serbia came in 36th place, and Bosnia and Herzegovina came in 47th place.

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