As Dalmatia Sleeps, HeadOnEast 2021 Kicks Off in Osijek Tomorrow

By 28 December 2021

December 28, 2021 - The 2021 tourist season is not quite finished in some corners of this beautiful land. As the coast sleeps, HeadOnEast 2021 kicks off tomorrow in Osijek, Full of Life. 

Full disclosure - I loved everything about this festival when it burst on the scene in October, 2019. 

The name, a superb play on Hedonism and Heading on East to a region that a majority of Croats sadly have little knowledge of.

The branding, done by a local Osijek design company.

And the event itself. 

HeadOnEast 2019 coincided with the first-ever Days of Croatian Self-Congratulation (formerly known as Days of Croatian Tourism) to be held in continental Croatia. 

Slavonia was finally given a chance to show Croatia's official tourism workers what it could offer, and they put on quite a show. 

The historic Osijek old town, Tvrdja, shone - so much so that even the locals were wondering what city they were in. You can catch a bit of the atmosphere from that event in the video below. 

The pandemic played its part in the 2020 version, and bad weather caused the postponement of HeadOnEast 2021 back in October.

But the party will go on, and for anyone wondering if Croatia has 365 tourism potential should head on East to Osijek tomorrow, as the two-day HeadOnEast 2021 festival is about to begin. 

Due to renovation works in the fortress area, this year's event will take place at Park Kralja Drzislava, where one of the attractions will be the largest Ferris wheel in South-East Europe, which recently arrived for Advent in Osijek. 


There will be food and drink...



There will be music...


And there will be a lot of fun. For, as those who have had the experience will tell you, there is no party in Croatia quite like a Slavonian party. 

More information about HeadOnEast 2021 on the official Facebook event page.

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