2021 Croatian Camping Offseason Achieving Record Results

By 1 November 2021
2021 Croatian Camping Offseason Achieving Record Results

November 1, 2021 - The 2021 Croatian camping offseason is in full swing and recording better results than ever. 

The offseason in Croatian camps, which make up a quarter of tourist accommodation, has recorded historical results, reports HRT. And all this despite being red on the European Covid map!

The atmosphere in some camps in Istria - both in terms of occupancy and weather - is more reminiscent of late spring.

An incredible picture in Funtana in western Istria is more suitable for September, not for the middle of autumn

" We walk around a little bit, take swims. We go to the city by bicycle," said Stevo from Slovenia.

With fifteen hundred guests, the camp is half full. Most guests are Germans, mostly vaccinated or with a Covid recovery certificate.

"The measures have been tightened in Germany, and we, as before, have decided to come here. The staff is friendly, the food is excellent," said Manuela from Germany.

"It is getting stricter in Germany; it is not like here," added Mathias from Germany.

"Mostly there was a larger share of mobile homes and a smaller share of campers, and this time we have a larger share of campers. Even the announcements for late autumn and winter are excellent," said the Valamar camp director, Bruno Radoš.

Since the beginning of the corona crisis, sales of camping vehicles have grown by forty percent in Germany. The desire for solitude, freedom, and proximity to the destination affected the excellent camping occupancy in southern Istria, especially loved by surfers.

"It’s already cold in the Netherlands, and the kids have school holidays, so it made sense to come here. We can't swim, but we visit historical centers, surf, and go camping," said Rustam from the Netherlands.

Here, September exceeded the record by fifty percent. As a result, many extended the camping season to October as well.

"So, from October 10, we are on some numbers of 500-600 people a day, which is essentially a filled winter contingent, and the sanitary facilities are heated," added the director of the Kažela camp AHG Alex Živković.

Without heated spaces, swimming pools, and mini clubs for children, the postseason would not exist as so.  

"Even children who are not usually left alone like to stay here with us alone. And the children are coming back to us," said animator Nina Putinja.

Judging by the growing interest of young camping families, the upcoming preseason could be highly successful in this sector. Of course, unless we are surprised by a new pandemic wave.

You can watch the full video on HRT.

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