Croatia Underrated: Podcast, Games, Quizzes of Authentic Hidden Gems

By 24 October 2021

October 24, 2021 - From the founder of the innovative Secret Zagreb, a fabulous new journey into the hidden gems of this amazing country - meet Croatia Underrated, a combination of podcast, games and quizzes.

One of the things I love about covering Croatian tourism is meeting so many inspiring and innovative individuals from the private tourism sector. The ideas, knowledge and delivery of these individuals promote the true jewels of authentic Croatia, and they are a refreshing breath of fresh air from the fairly predictable and one dimensional approach of the Kings of Accidental Tourism. 

One young lady whose mind is always ahead of the rest of us with her tourism ideas is Iva Silla, of the award-winning Secret Zagreb. Iva has already done much to develop tourism in the capital with truly unique tours such as the Badass Women of Zagreb, celebrating some of the amazing women who have put their stamp on Zagreb's development throughout history. 


Iva is back with a wonderful (and VERY educational) project called Croatia Underrated. Rather than me try and explain it, her she is in her words explaining the Croatia Underrated project:

In recent years, I stopped bothering with the must-sees during my travels. I still make obsessive plans, but I don’t feel like I missed out on something if I don’t do it all. I much rather take a detour and see something less attractive, but far more genuine. I dare you to try a different Croatia. To spice up your must-sees with the unseen. To go places that even the locals often miss. To find your perfect Croatian memory. Croatia Underrated podcast is here to help.

I started Croatia Underrated because there’s so much to do and see all around the country, so many hidden corners to be explored and curious tales to be told… I wanted to share at least some of them. On the other hand, the project started quite spontaneously, when I came upon many poor reviews of Croatian attractions over and over again. Of places that I personally found striking and very special. You can now enjoy my curated list of terrible reviews of Croatian heritage, together with the fun comments as a part of the blog. If you feel those are a bit unfair, you might like the way I see Croatia: as a place of never ending discoveries.

Oh, and when you visit Croatia, make sure to join me on one of my Secret Zagreb tours.

Iva Silla


To learn more about the Croatia you never knew, visit the Croatia Underrated website and podcast.

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