Osijek-Munich Flights Connect to 6 European Destinations

By 16 October 2021
Osijek-Munich Flights Connect to 6 European Destinations

October 16, 2021 - Osijek-Munich flights now connect to 6 European destinations after a short transfer in the Bavarian capital. 

After Croatia Airlines announced it would introduce a regular route between Osijek and Munich, tickets are now available to purchase to 6 more international destinations,  reports Croatian Aviation

With one transfer in Munich, passengers from or to Osijek can now buy tickets to 6 European destinations - Copenhagen, Brussels, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, and Dublin.

Although a relatively large number of Croatian citizens live in Munich, as a major European hub, Munich offers a number of connectivity options, and it is now possible to buy tickets for connecting flights via the Bavarian capital.

With one stop in Munich, passengers from Osijek now have access to the capitals of Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Ireland, and Denmark, as well as flights to Frankfurt. Tickets between Copenhagen, Brussels, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, Dublin, and Osijek can be purchased on the official website of the Croatian airline. Lufthansa and SAS aircraft also operate on flights from Munich to European destinations. 

Recall, from November 15 this year, a regular line between Osijek and Munich will be introduced, which will operate twice a week, every Monday and Friday.

Given that scheduled flights on the route between Munich and Osijek have so far been confirmed until mid-January, it is to be assumed that this number of available connections will remain in force until a possible extension of operations, which Croatia Airlines and Osijek Airport will actively discuss in the coming period.

The new Munich route is good news not only for tourists, but also for the many local people who have emigrated to Germany in search of a better economic future. The potential of tourism in Slavonia and eastern Croatia is largely untapped, and improved connections to other international destinations are key to its development. 

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