Hvar Town: More Arrivals and Overnight Stays... But Less Income

Hvar Town: More Arrivals and Overnight Stays... But Less Income
Mario Romulić

August 18, 2021 - An in-depth look at the most recent numbers from the eVisitor system shows two realities in Hvar Town in terms of tourists arrivals and overnight stays.

According to the eVisitor system, in the last two weeks, Hvar Town has broken tourist records, reports HrTurizam. The numbers of arrivals and overnight stays on the days from 1 to 10 August are 5% better than the record 2019. Nautics records as much as 15% better results compared to 2019.

Unfortunately, looking only at the system, in the town of Hvar on August 12, on 12,059 registered beds, "only" 7,183 guests were registered. Therefore, as the Hvar Tourist Board points out, there should be a "catastrophic" tourist season in the town.

In order not to look at everything through numbers, the last week there has been a big rush to the free hotel or private accommodation in the town of Hvar, more last-minute rooms are needed, and to the great satisfaction of Hvar everything is filled for next week, and even Booking .com the city of Hvar declared SOLD OUT.

If we go back to the numbers, in July, Hvar Town saw 143,530 overnight stays and 30,032 arrivals, which is an increase of 150% in overnight stays and 100% in arrivals compared to 2020. Compared to 2019, 77% of tourist traffic was realized.

Americans, Germans, French, and Slovenes lead in nationalities at Hvar Town, while the number of arrivals of guests from Great Britain is expected to increase by the beginning of September.

According to Petar Razović, director of the Hvar Tourist Board, these results were achieved primarily through excellent cooperation between the Hvar Tourist Board and the Hvar Tourist Board, adherence to epidemiological measures, as well as jointly done marketing activities of all Hvar tourist boards.

"How important it is that the island of Hvar is finally moving in the direction of unification was shown by this challenging tourist year when we accurately predicted and later worked together to promote the entire island of Hvar as ''green'' in the ECDC map and a safe island in our emitting markets. Successful work by the end of September will result in the adoption of the Brand Strategy of the island of Hvar, which will be unique in Croatia and further development of the entire destination", Razović points out and adds that looking at the conditions of preparation this year and what else should be done for the tourist development of the whole island, the people of Hvar united in thinking that the time has come to have their islander in the system of the Ministry or the Croatian Tourist Board.

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