Split Ferry Port Traffic at 80% of 2019 Figures, and More Croatia Traffic News

By 14 August 2021
Split Ferry Port Traffic at 80% of 2019 Figures, and More Croatia Traffic News

August 14, 2021 - Split Ferry Port traffic in 2021 is at 80% of 2019's numbers, and more Croatia traffic news this weekend as crowds form all over the country. 

Tens of thousands of passengers will pass through Split's ferry port this weekend, and judging by the large crowds; the season is in full swing, reports Dalmacija Danas.

Jelena Ivulić, head of Jadrolinija in Split, commented on this weekend's numbers. 

"This weekend, we expect over 80 thousand passengers and more than 18 thousand vehicles at the Split Ferry Port," said Ivulić.

She adds that we are crossing 80% of 2019, and at 8.45 and 12.30, extra lines for Supetar sailed.


"The data is really great, we are delighted, and we hope that it will last longer,' she concluded.

In other Croatia traffic news, traffic is temporarily suspended on the A1 motorway at the Sveti Rok tunnel in the direction of Dubrovnik.

Traffic has increased on most roads in the direction of the sea and inland. This is especially true on the A1 motorway between the Lučko toll and the Bosiljevo II junction, the Čelinka tunnel and the Maslenica junction in the south direction, and between the Zadar II junction and the Bristovac tunnel in the direction of Zagreb. In addition, there are occasional traffic jams and moving columns on the A2 Zagreb-Macelj motorway, towards the Trakošćan toll with the occasional closure of the Frukov Krč tunnel, on the Zagreb bypass between the Jankomir and Lučko junctions in the direction of the A1 motorway, on the Krk bridge in both directions, especially mainland, towards individual border crossings and at the approaches to ferry ports. Drivers are advised to maintain a safe distance between vehicles.

A traffic ban for trucks with a maximum permissible weight of over 7.5 tons on some roads in Istria and the coast is in effect today (August 14) until 23:00 and tomorrow (August 15) from 12:00 to 23:00 (summer ban also due to the Feast of the Assumption). On the other hand, there is no ban on the DC1 motorways and state roads.

For the Feast of the Assumption, many pilgrims are expected on the access roads of the Marian shrines, so road users are urged to be extra careful.

During the day, due to increased traffic, there may be difficulties, occasional delays, and convoy driving on some sections of highways, Zagreb (A3) and Rijeka (A7) bypass, Krk Bridge (DC102), Istrian Y towards the border crossings Kastel and Plovanija, at Učka tunnel and the junction Matulji, Lička (DC1) and Jadranska magistrala (DC8) at the approaches to tourist centers, in ferry ports and wharves and at some border crossings. Occasional delays are also possible on sections where works are in progress. Therefore, drivers should adjust their speed and driving style to the conditions on the roads.

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