National Geographic Promotes Croatia to 170 Countries on September 19!

By 12 August 2021
National Geographic Promotes Croatia to 170 Countries on September 19!
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August 12, 2021 - National Geographic promotes Croatia on September 19 through three television shows broadcast to 170 countries worldwide! 

About 170 countries around the world will have the opportunity to get to know Croatia during a historic day for the county on the National Geographic channel! On September 19, Croatia will present itself to the world for the first time on one of the world's most-watched television channels. Through three different shows, Croatia will be shown as a top destination for all lovers of research, gastronomy, adventure, and science, reports Jutarnji List

The world-famous chef Gordon Ramsay dedicated one of the episodes of the third season of "Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted" to Croatia. Under the expert guidance of the local population and his host, famous Croatian chef David Skoko, with whom he measured his culinary strength, Ramsay dived in Istria, hunted goats and donkeys, searched for truffles, and prepared several recipes using local products such as fresh eggs, goat cheese, and olive oil.

With the episode filmed in Croatia, Gordon takes viewers on a trip to Portugal, Mexico, Texas, Maine, Puerto Rico, Island Smoky Mountains in America during the third season, with which Croatia will be presented this year as one of the world's most interesting destinations!

Apart from "Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted," the world will have the opportunity to see and experience Croatia from a bird's eye view in the show "Europe from Above." Beautiful and relaxing shots of Croatia from the air will travel the world and promote Croatia, especially the lesser-known towns of Ston and Metković, the fairytale Motovun, Pula, and more. 

Finally, in the popular show "Inside the Factory," viewers will have a unique opportunity to peek into the fascinating Rimac Automobili factory, during which the world will get to know Croatia as a country of knowledge and innovation. 

Episodes about Croatia will be broadcast on September 19, 2021:

21:00: Gordon Ramsay: Unchartered
22:00: Europe from Above
23:00: Rimac Automobili

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