8 Fantastic Reasons to Visit City of Zagreb in August 2021

By 10 August 2021
Zagreb in August 2021
Zagreb in August 2021 Julien Duval Photography

August 10, 2021 – Fantastic food, music and art events are just some of the reasons you should come to Zagreb in August 2021.

In living memory, Croatia's capital was far from the top of the list of summertime destinations. But, an incredible event calendar, full of amazing art, food, culture and music, has helped turn all that around. This summer that vibrant series of events returns at full strength.

Whether you're one of the million guests currently exploring Croatia's coast or a city resident who just returned from there, come visit the streets of Zagreb in August 2021. It's the place to be.

1) International Festival of Artistic Flags – August 12 – August 27

flags.jpgZagreb in August 2021: International Festival of Artistic Flags

Between the middle and the end of the month, around 180 colourful and beautifully designed flags will hang across some of Zagreb's most prominent streets, walkways and squares. The occasion is the 13th annual edition of the International Festival of Artistic Flags.

The work of 170 artists from twenty countries on five continents will be featured and this year's exhibition is a retrospective of the best flags from all previous years. You can walk beneath the dazzling display at Ban Josip Jelačić Square, Zrinjevac Park, Europski trg and Augusta Cesarca Street.

2) Erwin Wurm 'The Show' exhibition at Lauba – until August 25

narrow-housef9dc5532-01fd-45f8-8043-9e17ef3d9fa2.jpgZagreb in August 2021: Erwin Wurm exhibition at Lauba

One of the most famous contemporary artists from neighbouring Austria, Erwin Wurm has exhibited his work all across the globe. He is known for creating art from everyday objects but distorting them way beyond their regular state. His famous Narrow House – which is part of 'The Show' exhibition at Lauba – is a classic example. Familiar and inviting, yet thin and claustrophobic close up.

3) Art Park – all month

231382759_3026122537624583_6764210138260955822_n.jpgZagreb in August 2021: Art Park

When summer evenings are too warm to stay indoors, many Zagreb residents head to the city's parks to cool down. And, hands down, the coolest of them all over recent years has been 'Art Park'. These days, you'll find the pop-up bars-and-events space in Ribnjak park, right in the heart of the city. Craft beers, gentle lighting, deck chairs, benches and a relaxed ambience all invite. On some nights there are DJs, on others live music. Look out for international documentary screenings on Monday evenings too, courtesy of Dokukino.

4) Cest is d’Best – August 19 – August 22

155577045_3916586538399952_66794765032075134_n.jpgZagreb in August 2021: Cest is d’Best

Music, circus artists, dancers and performers fill the streets at this good vibes event, which celebrates its 25th annual edition in 2021. Always one of the highlights of summer in Zagreb city centre, Cest is d’Best is a time when residents and visitors alike come out to the centre to mingle and enjoy the very best atmosphere of Zagreb's street life. There's an array of food on offer too that will tempt you at every turn.

5) Around – August 20 – August 30

7ed914a5-c131-4d5f-a5e6-82dca3679725.jpgZagreb in August 2021: Around © Julien Duval Photography

Street art incorporating not only traditional wall murals, but also art installations and interventions, the Around event always manages to deliver a fresh perspective to the Zagreb we love and know so well. Local and international artists will descend on the city and, working independently, will transform the familiar beyond recognition. Look closely at the work – in recent years there have been some truly wonderful research undertaken in advance by the artists, enabling them to tie their works into the very fabric of the streets which are their canvas.

6) Scena Amadeo Summer at Galerija Klovićevi dvori – mid August – mid September

5104a1b2e1964d6decac501573adac6e_XL.jpgZagreb in August 2021: Ansambl Illyrica, who play new works for Scena Amadeo at Klovićevi dvori this month.

For the 22nd season, Scena Amadeo organise their summer music concerts in the atrium of Klovićevi dvori, one of Zagreb's greatest gallery spaces. Always featuring some stunning classical musicians, this year is no exception. Within the 12 concert, month-long programme you find a wealth of different performers, and August's highlights include a classical guitar trio and soloist, a flamenco trio, a mariachi band and new works by Ansambl Illyrica.

7) Let The Music Be Free Festival – August 21

92274232_2867288373307864_3610582618367590400_n.jpgZagreb in August 2021: Let The Music Be Free Festival © Claptone.

The biggest one-day electronic music festival in inland Croatia. LTMBF takes places in the Jarun lakes and park recreation area, just to the west of Zagreb city centre. On the day, you'll find some 40 international and local DJs playing cutting edge house and techno to a lively audience of thousands. 2021's DJs include Claptone (pictured above), Luciano and Marco Carola.

8) Mali Piknik – Fridays throughout Zagreb in August 2021

Mali_Piknik.jpgZagreb in August 2021: Mali Piknik.

One of the most charming events of recent summers, Mali Piknik (Little Picnic) places its picnic blankets on the grasses of Park Bela IV in the city's Upper Town. On foot, you can make your way up to and down from the park in several different ways. And we strongly suggest you do just that, as this is one of the best areas of Zagreb city centre to wander.

Once at the picnic, blankets are spread across the lawns. The whole scene is lit wonderfully by candles and lamps as the sun's rays begin to dwindle. On the menu each Friday, there's a showcase of different locally made, artisan fare – craft beers, cheese, wine or fresh juices, all from small producers. Also, seasonal snacks from Vještica, a bistro dedicated to the tastes of traditional cuisine.

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