Zaprešić Tourist Board is the First in Croatia to Join Interpret Europe Association

Lužnica castle in Zaprešić
Lužnica castle in Zaprešić Mario Romulić

July 31, 2021 - The Tourist Board of the City of Zaprešić is the first tourist board in Croatia to become part of the European Association for Heritage Interpretation: Interpret Europe.

Membership approval came from the Tourist Board of the Croatian National Tourist Board, which supported the efforts and activities of the Tourist Board of Zaprešić in a different approach to destination management, reports HrTurizam. This approach is based on innovative and focused management of the experience and emotions that Zaprešić offers through its content, as well as good stories and the interpretation of heritage through deeper meaning.

The direction of protection of cultural and natural heritage through quality and different interpretations is the basis of the work of the European association Interpret Europe, which was founded in Germany in 2010. Today, it has more than 1,000 members throughout Europe, but also in as many as 57 countries around the world, of which about 50 are institutional. The Tourist Board of the city of Zaprešić is the fourth institutional member coming from Croatia, but also the first destination management organization (DMO) from these areas.

The Tourist Board of the City of Zaprešić has been intensively cooperating with the organization Interpret Europe for the last two years, and they have organized several successful pieces of training and seminars on heritage interpretation in accordance with the Interpret Europe methodology. This is exactly what prompted TZ Zaprešić to establish the "TZZ Academy", which deals with various educations and seminars in the field of tourism and creative industries. The entire work is focused on creating new stories in the destination through a different, innovative, and interesting interpretation.

"This is another valuable recognition, which from now on has marked our city on the cultural map of Europe. Zaprešić has a lot to offer in that sense, but I would certainly like to commend the young team of the Zaprešić Tourist Board who worked diligently to be recognized, presenting our historical and cultural heritage in a different, modern way", said Željko Turk, President of the Tourist Board community and the mayor of Zaprešić.

The Zaprešić Tourist Board points out that their membership is a logical sequence after the organization of education and training for heritage interpreters, but also as a pledge of successful action in experience management, which they certainly want to transfer to a higher level in cooperation with Interpret Europe.

"Our team in the Tourist Board of the city of Zaprešić with their work and activities successfully creates emotions through messages and stories and connecting with heritage at all levels. From the local population, through entities operating in tourism to visitors. We all together create new inspirations for our destination, and thus quality content", said the director of the Tourist Board of Zaprešić Toni Ganjto.

The Tourist Board of the City of Zaprešić is extremely active in several areas of activity - from the management of public tourist infrastructure; coordinating the project of seven (7) associated tourist boards from the area of ​​Zagreb County (KulTurama project); launching the project "Second Perspective" for the inclusion of people with disabilities in tourism trends, all the way to the creation of various innovative content and targeted destination management.

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