Longest Croatian Sandy Beach Listed Among Top 100 Most Beautiful Beaches

Nin Copyright Romulic and Stojcic

July the 26th, 2021 - The Croatian coast is stunning. With the coastline dotted with many islands, both inhabited and uninhabited, it isn't difficult to find a beautiful place to go swimming and soak up the sun's rays. That said, long sandy beaches aren't common along the country's rugged, mountainous coastline, but they do exist. The longest Croatian sandy beach is one which many have hailed to be among the most gorgeous of all.

As Morski writes, the long and natural sandy beaches of Nin spanning a total length of 8000 metres are one of this regions trademarks and an impressive image that is easily remembered by visitors to the oldest Croatian royal city. According to the American Travel Channel, the Queen's Beach (Croatian: Kraljicina plaza) is ranked among the 100 most beautiful beaches in the entire world.

The Queen's Beach is unique in many ways when one looks as the bigger picture of Croatia and the typical beaches it boasts. It is the longest Croatian sandy beach, and its name is associated with a prominent legend.

During his stay in Nin, the first Croatian king, King Tomislav, watched unforgettable sunrises with a breathtaking view of the Velebit mountain with his queen and enjoyed some very rare moments of pure relaxation.

Near this Croatian sandy beach is the largest locality of medicinal mud in all of the Republic of Croatia. Queen Jelena used to cover her entire body with this mud, and back in 1960, Nin was registered as a health resort on the coast with the organised Nin Outdoor Spa, where therapy under medical supervision has been taking place for almost 60 years during the warmer summer months.

Numerous wooden walking paths have been constructed which lead to this stunning Croatian sandy beach part through a unique area of biodiversity with as many as four habitats of the NATURA 2000 network with endemic and rare plant species living there. According to biologists, such a shaping of nature with this botanical garden is something truly unique here in Croatia, and perhaps in all of Europe.

Due to the shallow and warm sea, it is especially attractive to families with babies and small children and the elderly, and outside the main season it is a favourite place for long romantic walks.

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