Lonjsko Polje Nature Park Sees 150% Visitor Increase Compared to 2020

Lonjsko polje
Lonjsko polje Copyright Romulic and Stojcic

July the 23rd, 2021 - Some excellent news for the popular Lonjsko polje Nature Park (PP Lonjsko polje) in continental Croatia, which has experienced 150 percent more tourists when compared to pandemic-dominated 2020, including many more foreign visitors.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the beautiful Lonjsko Polje Nature Park has been enjoying more visitors and much higher attendance than it did last year, and that same increased attendance should be further contributed to by the Crna roda (Black stork) Visitor Centre, the opening of which is planned for this September. The new visitor centre is part of a 20 million kuna project co-financed by European Union (EU) funds, according to Lonjsko polje Nature Park's administration.

The increase in attendance of a more than encouraging 150 percent was realised in the first six months of this year when compared to the comparable period last year. Although the figures from before the coronavirus pandemic haven't yet been reached, they point out from Lonjsko polje Nature Park that this year has finally seen the return of foreign visitors from other parts of Europe, including French, Germans Poles and British tourists.

However, most of the visitors do continue to be domestic tourists from all over Croatia, and some of them stay for a few days, using family/private accommodation, on family farms and the like, in places and villages within or near the park itself.

There are no new accommodation units being constructed for tourists, but the existing ones have been improved, they say from the park, emphasising that most visitors are still day trippers. They're mainly interested in going on the solar-powered boats on the river Strug, also known as the "Slavonian Amazon".

There are two such boats and another ''ordinary'' small boat, also used for excursions. Visitors are also currently interested in weekend programmes, with sailing and a tour of the Lonjsko polje Nature Park with departures to several lookouts/observatories, which they plan to open two more of this summer/

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