Zagreb in Spring: Šulekova Through Lens of Roza Zanini Mozara

Zagreb in Spring: Šulekova Through Lens of Roza Zanini Mozara
Roza Zanini Mozara

April 23, 2021 - With the capital of Croatia in full bloom, photographer Roza Zanini Mozara captured the magic of Zagreb in spring on the colorful Šulekova street.


Zagreb is one of the cities with the best places to get great photos during spring, from Kralja Tomislava square to the botanical gardens, no matter where you walk or where you’re heading, you will always find some colorful trees or bushes screaming for attention.


Despite having been an atypical spring season in which in addition to some cloudy days, incessant rains, low temperatures, and even snowfall; none of that has prevented Zagreb in spring from flourishing like every year. But among all the places one can visit in the capital of Croatia to immortalize spring through an image, Šulekova street is probably the most photogenic in the city and ideal for any photographer addicted to colors!


Each spring, the Japanese cherries begin to blossom, and because Šulekova is full of them, you can notice a street completely painted in pink. Through her lens, photographer Roza Zanini captures the famous Šulekova in a way that looks like it came straight from a fairy tale, with the pink leaves covering not only the trees but the streets as well. Works perfectly as a setting for any romantic story or spring postcard!

It should come as no surprise then to know that Šulekova street is considered by many as the most beautiful street in Zagreb!


So where is this wonderful street located? It is between the Maksimirska and the Kralja Zvonimira streets, not far from Maksimir. Zagreb in spring is a must!

If you want to see more of Roza's photography work, be sure to visit her website.

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